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scientific computing

What Open Source Can Learn from Scientific Computing and Vice Versa


By Yordan Karadzhov We all come to open source from different places, but my particular journey to becoming a full-time open source contributor—and more recently a project co-maintainer—is a little unusual. I started out working in experimental physics doing scientific computing. As part of my work, I was also a project co-maintainer, and it’s interesting Read more...
New Forwarding Plane

Open Networking Summit Europe Preview: Introducing a New Forwarding Plane for Network Service Mesh


By Radoslav Dimitrov In a presentation at the Open Networking Summit Europe on September 23rd, I’ll be introducing a new forwarding plane that we recently integrated into Network Service Mesh (NSM). NSM is the CNCF sandbox project that lets you run networking workloads for domains not covered by the Kubernetes default in a declarative, cloud native Read more...