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How to Interact with and Grow Your Open Source Community


If we want to grow our open source communities, we first should define what “community” means. I think we can agree that it is not the project code that we are collectively working on. But neither is it the website or storage management system that we use, or our mailing list, or our forum. Nor Read more...
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How to Get Your Code Upstream


It’s not always obvious what really helps when it comes to getting your code upstream (i.e. accepted by core project maintainers). So, here’s a short primer based on my long experience as a Linux kernel developer and maintainer. First, why would you want to get your code upstream? For one thing, it reduces technical debt. Read more...

What You Gain by Implementing gRPC-Web for Istio and Envoy


By Venil Noronha This is my second of two posts about the Linux Foundation’s recent gRPC Conference. Check out my first post for some reflections on the conference as a whole and a few observations about where gRPC is going four years after it was open sourced by Google. This time around, I’ll share some key points Read more...
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The Key to Open Source Effectiveness: “We Before Me”


By Malini Bhandaru You want to be an active open source contributor, but how do you do that effectively? Here’s one way to look at it: think “we before me.”The “we” here includes the open source developers you know and work with, but it also embraces your customers and all of the partners involved in Read more...