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NSM Hosts First NSMCon to Raise Visibility & Build Community


By Nikolay Nikolaev We held Network Service Mesh’s (NSM) first-ever NSMCon the day before the most recent KubeCon in San Diego. From my perspective as an NSM maintainer, it was everything we had hoped it would be and more. If you aren’t familiar with the project, NSM is an open-source hybrid/multi-cloud IP service mesh that Read more...

A First-Timer Perspective on BazelCon 2019


By Aida Rivas At VMware, we’re constantly looking at ways to transform how we build enterprise software to continue to deliver breakthrough offerings at the intersection of cloud, apps, containers, networking, mobility and security. Open source software (OSS) is key to our software stack, so we’re members of governing bodies like the Linux Foundation and provide Read more...

What’s New in EdgeX Foundry 1.1


By Malini Bhandaru Back in the fall, I previewed EdgeX Foundry’s 1.1 “Fuji” release in a talk at the Open Source Summit North America. I’m happy to say that EdgeX 1.1 is now live and available for use. If you are new to EdgeX or edge computing, my OSS presentation offers a quick primer on Read more...