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Tabs vs. Spaces

Tabs vs. Spaces: Resolving the Debate at Last


“God help us,” Silicon Valley’s Richard Hendricks yells as he storms out of his now ex-girlfriend’s house. “There’s no way I’m going to be with someone who uses spaces over tabs.” And with that fateful breakup line—the developer equivalent of “it’s you, not me”—HBO brought what was once an esoteric debate among software developers into Read more...

An Update on Purser: The Kubernetes Tool That Saves You Serious Money


By Hemani Katyal and Krishna Karthik Just over a year ago, VMware open-sourced Purser, a Kubernetes extension that offers detailed cost insights into cloud native application workloads. In particular, Purser provides visibility into resource use for any specific Kubernetes cluster, including real-time reporting of the financial charges each application has incurred. Here’s why that’s important: more Read more...
EdgeX Foundry

OSS Preview: EdgeX Foundry 1.0 Released!


By Malini Bhandaru For any software project, one is a big number. By publishing a 1.0 release, you declare your project to be all grown up and ready to help change the world. We’ve just reached that point with EdgeX Foundry, the Linux Foundation-hosted project that is building an open platform for IoT edge computing. Read more...