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How to Retain Open Source Contributors


By Nisha Kumar, open source engineer, VMware I recently wrote about my experience running a developer sprint at this year’s PyCon, the big annual Python conference. But another important side of conference going is the opportunity it affords for impromptu conversations with fellow developers. Specifically, I had an insightful discussion about how to effectively retain open Read more...

OpenFaaS Mid-Year Recap


Here’s some vital information you should know: You can package anything as a serverless function with OpenFaaS. The open source project, founded by VMware’s Alex Ellis, makes serverless functions simple for Docker and Kubernetes so that you can build a scalable, fault-tolerant, event-driven serverless platform for your applications. Now here’s some exciting breaking news: OpenFaaS Read more...

Reflections on Running a Development Sprint at PyCon


By Nisha Kumar, open source engineer, VMware I’m a longtime Python developer, but until this year I had never been to PyCon, the largest international conference for Python users. I went this year because I wanted to run a development sprint for Tern, the open source project that I maintain. PyCon’s development sprints are a Read more...