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  • Replacing drives Non-Disruptively on VMware vSAN

    Last week I had to replace all the drives in a VMware vSAN Cluster in my lab (which was built using Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Appliances) to increase the amount of capacity available in the cluster and also use Intel NVMe drives as the Cache Tier. But, I had a number of virtual machines that I ... Continue Reading Replacing drives Non-Disruptively on VMware vSAN →
    Blog Name: Datacenter Rookie Author: Bhavin Shah
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 17:53:07
  • vSphere Networking : Bandwidth Reservations

    To enforce bandwidth availability, it is possible to reserve a portion of the available uplink bandwidth using Network I/O Control (NIOC). It may be necessary to configure bandwidth reservations to meet business requirements with regards to network resources availability. In the system traffic overview, under the resource allocation option in the Distributed vSwitch settings, you The post vSphere Networking : Bandwidth Reservations appeared first on
    Blog Name: Niels Hagoort Author: Niels Hagoort
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 16:04:19
  • Is vCenter Server & ESXi hosts using VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) or custom CA certificates?

    Customers have two primary methods of managing TLS certificates for their ESXi hosts, they can either use the built-in VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) which is part of vCenter Server or Custom CA Certificates. I will not go into the gory details, but you can read more about the options here in our documentation. A question that I [...]
    Blog Name: virtuallyGhetto Author: William Lam
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 15:41:34
  • 293887 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/293887-rss.png
    How to Update a VMware License in the vSphere Client 6.7 U1

    One of the most important parts of a new VMware vSphere 6.7 U1 deployment is updating your VMware license.  This should be a part of any validation plan you perform before the environment goes live.  Unfortunately, I did not listen to my own advice, and when I logged into my VMware vSphere environment I saw [...]
    Blog Name: Author: melissa
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 15:00:45
  • 293496 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/293496-rss.png
    VMworld Session Full- DON’T PANIC

    If you’re planning your schedule for the upcoming VMworld Europe event, you’ll no doubt find that some sessions are at capacity. Don’t panic- there’s still options open for you. 1- Is the session being duplicated? Some sessions are available at multiple times- for example vSphere Clustering Deep Dive, Part 1: vSphere HA and DRS has [...]
    Blog Name: IT Should Just Work Author: Chris
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 14:19:36
  • VMware Certification and You: 2018 Edition

    Well, some of you might have seen my original VMware Certification and You post back in March. VMware is in the process of changing the way their certifications work, and for the better I think. With those changes comes a short eBook: VMware Training Value. For anyone looking to get VMware training or certification in 2018, I’d recommend reading the above eBook. It outlines ways to maximise your value, and gives figures to support them. You’ll be able to see where you stand now, and what pa[...]
    Blog Name: Virtually Stable Author: Scott Forehand
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 13:30:26
  • 293650 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/293650-rss.png
    Change policy on a vSAN object via RVC

    I had someone reach out to me recently, asking for a way to change the policy on a file that was uploaded to a vSAN datastore, e.g. an ISO image. When a file is uploaded to the vSAN datastore, a VM Home namespace object is created. It is into this ‘file system’ type object that [...] The post Change policy on a vSAN object via RVC appeared first on
    Blog Name: Author: Cormac
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 13:00:13
  • Quick Fix: Increase Root Partition Size in VCSA 6.7

    Full disclosure, I’m stealing Anthony Spiteri’s ‘Quick Fix’ used in the title of this post.  It’s somewhat related to a post Anthony published yesterday so I hope he doesn’t mind.  Over this past week both Anthony and I upgraded our …Read more »
    Blog Name: Author: Mark Ukotic
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 09:49:25
  • NSX Basics – Creating Firewall Rules Based on Active Directory User ID

    NSX Manager can be integrated with Active Directory to allow Distributed Firewall (DFW) rules to be applied based on the used identity. In this video I will demonstrate how AD based security groups can be used with the DFW to allow access for the SSH protocol.
    Blog Name: Define Tomorrow Author: Ben Evans
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 09:16:00
  • Certificate Authentication for Horizon View Access with UAG

    Unified Access Gateway (formally Access Point) is used to secure external access for a Horizon View.  There are numerous advantages over using Security Servers, which are still supported, noticeably the lower resources required to run and the removal of the necessity to pair with a dedicated security server.  Not to mention the lack of Windows!  In a multi-site environment with redundancy that is a significant reduction in deployed resource.
    Blog Name: Define Tomorrow Author: Chris Tucker
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 08:11:00
  • What is VMware vCenter Convergence Tool?

    With VMware vSphere 6.7 U1 there is a new tool which is part of the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). It’s a Command-line Interface (CLI) utility which allows you to change your existing external deployment to embedded. External Platform Service Controller (PSC) to Embedded. The embedded deployment model also supports Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM), which in previous [...] Read the full post What is VMware vCenter Convergence Tool? at ESX Virtualization.
    Blog Name: ESX Virtualization Author: Vladan SEGET
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 07:54:57
  • 293920 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/293920-rss.png
    vSphere 6.7 upgrade ESXi 6.5 to 6.7 – pt.3

    vSphere 6.7 upgrade ESXi 6.5 to 6.7 - pt.3 After upgrading the vCSA, to take benefit of new features provided by vSphere 6.7 you have to upgrade also all ESXi hosts installed in your virtual infrastructure. The procedure it's pretty easy and rely on the Update Manager service provided with vSphere 6.7.   Blog Series vSphere 6.7 install vCSA 6.7 - pt.1 vSphere 6.7 upgrade vCSA 6.5 to 6.7 - pt.2 vSphere 6.7 upgrade ESXi 6.5 to 6.7 - pt.3 vSphere 6.7 upgrade vSAN 6.6 to 6.7 - pt.4   Upgrade ESXi [...]
    Blog Name: NoLabNoPartY Author: Paolo Valsecchi
    Published on 2018-10-23 | Time 07:00:32
  • “A problem occurred while getting data from the source vCenter Server” error when upgrading to vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 U1

    Seeing that vSphere 6.7U1 was recently released, I decided to upgrade my VCSA 6.5 appliance to 6.7U1. Downloaded the installer ISO, extracted the ISO to a temp folder then ran the installer wizard. I then launched the installer, select the “upgrade” option and put in the details of my existing vCenter credentials and ESXi host [...]
    Blog Name: Rayphoon Author: rayphoon
    Published on 2018-10-22 | Time 06:53:24
  • 292423 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/292423-rss.png
    VMware: A Cloud Company

    VMware: A Cloud Company VMware: A Cloud Company This was originally posted on Medium on October 10, 2018. View the original here. With VMworld US 2018 complete and the information coma subsiding, I felt it was best to write this blog based upon months of thought and meditation focusing on the word… cloud. Through this ... Continue Reading VMware: A Cloud Company →
    Blog Name: vAddicted Author: Raffaello
    Published on 2018-10-22 | Time 20:31:37
  • 292604 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/292604-rss.png
    Limited Time Offer: Save 15% on selected VMware On Demand Courses

      VMware On Demand is a robust, self-paced learning solution delivering modular training combined with hands-on practice labs, giving you a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training.   From now until November 2, enjoy 15% off when you purchase the following On Demand courses: VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.5] VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale The post Limited Time Offer: Save 15% on selected VMware On Demand Courses appeared first on VMware Education Services.
    Blog Name: VMware Education and Certification Blog Author: Karl Childs
    Published on 2018-10-22 | Time 19:15:16