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  • NSX-v 6.4.1 Released – Extended HTML5, vSphere 6.7 support & more

    NSX for vSphere 6.4.1 has been released and it brings a couple of good nuggets. Most of all, it is now compatible with vSphere 6.7 – so if you want to go to vSphere 6.7 and NSX was holding you back, start your upgrade engines! HTML5 UI Extended It fills me with joy to see this happening – 6.4.1 brings a bunch of new functionality to the HTML5 UI instead of the old vSphere-Client UI. The additions are: Distributed Firewall Management The Service Composer: Security Groups, Policies and Tags. S[...]
    Blog Name: Lost Domain Author: Martijn
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 01:22:53
  • vSAN Deployment Considerations

    Now more than ever, vSAN deployments are quickly growing in number. There are many vSAN documents available on StorageHub with great content; from design guides to day 2 operations, but a common ask from the field relates to vSAN deployment considerations. While there are many areas we can explore, some of them vary based on The post vSAN Deployment Considerations appeared first on Virtual Blocks.
    Blog Name: vSAN / Virtual Blocks Author: Dave Morera
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 18:51:59
  • VMware vCenter Single Sign-On – Invalid Credentials – Native Platform Error code 1765328360

    Logging in to the vCenter Server Appliance fails with the error: Failed to authenticate user or Failed to authenticate principal for tenant vsphere.local 6.5 update1 KB on issue Logging in to the vCenter Server Appliance Web Client and / or vSphere Client fails with the error: Failed to authenticate user /logs/sso/vmware-sts-idmd.log file, you see
    Blog Name: Stephen Hackers Blog Author: Steve
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 18:00:00
  • vSphere 6.7a is GA! Download here

    vSphere 6.7a is GA! Download here vSphere 6.7a is GA! Download here Download VMware vSphere. Run fewer servers and reduce capital and operating costs using VMware vSphere to build a cloud computing infrastructure. VMware Social Media Advocacy The post vSphere 6.7a is GA! Download here appeared first on Virtual Barker.
    Blog Name: Virtual Barker Author: David
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 17:53:33
  • 66363 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/66363-rss.png
    vSphere Replication – Interesting Use Case

    When talking to community folks about blogging, I talk about why I started.  Although I am not one of the most “prolific” bloggers in the community, I enjoy blogging about things I have learned in case others are interested. This… Read more
    Blog Name: Author: matt
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 16:49:53
  • How to create vSAN Storage Policy Step by Step

    In this series of vSAN we will see in this post about how to create vSAN Storage policies step by step. In the next post we will see on how to assign vSAN storage policy to the VM. In previous posts we have successfully configured the vSAN Cluster and saw how to run the proactive …
    Blog Name: Mastering VMware Author: Mayur Parmar
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 16:37:29
  • Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure–Technical Walkthrough (Part 5)

    Creating an RDS Farms for Application and Desktop Sessions In part 4 of this blog series, I walked through the steps to create a Published Image, which could be used to create RDS Farms or VDI Desktops. In part 5 of this blog series, I am going to walk you through the process of creating, [...] The post Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure–Technical Walkthrough (Part 5) appeared first on VMware End-User Computing Blog.
    Blog Name: AirWatch Author: Peter Brown
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 16:07:08
  • How to simulate Persistent Memory (PMem) in vSphere 6.7 for educational purposes? 

    A really cool new capability that was introduced in vSphere 6.7 is the support for the extremely fast memory technology known as non-volatile memory (NVM), also known as persistent memory (PMem). Customers can now benefit from the high data transfer rate of volatile memory with the persistence and resiliency of traditional storage. As of this blog post, [...]
    Blog Name: virtuallyGhetto Author: William Lam
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 15:51:58
  • Installing Adobe Creative Cloud with VMware AirWatch

    So this week I have been playing with AirWatch (AKA WorkSpace One) and the latest version. I have been slowly working on fully automated MacOS build and I came across a bit of a snag with deploying some of the application or rather to my surprise, AirWatch could do apps that are not in the [...]
    Blog Name: Virtualised Fruit Author: Gareth
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 15:34:17
  • vSphere 6.7 Will Not Run In My Lab: A Parable

    “Hey Bob, I tried installing vSphere 6.7 on my lab servers and it doesn’t work right. You tried using it yet? Been beating my head against a wall here.” “Yeah, I really like it. A lot. Like, resisting the urge to be irresponsible and upgrade everything. What are your lab servers?” I knew what he [...] The post vSphere 6.7 Will Not Run In My Lab: A Parable appeared first on The Lone Sysadmin. Head over to the source to read the full post!
    Blog Name: The Lone Sysadmin Author: Bob Plankers
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 15:12:16
  • VMware Software Defined Data Centre Upgrade and Product Interoperability Consideration

    Today I've been looking at the upgrade of  VMware vCenter to 6.7, and one of the concerns is that the VMware Software Defined Data Centre is so much more than just vSphere.Products that also require consideration are listed below.vRealize AutomationvRealize OrchestratorvRealize Operations ManagervRealize Log insightNSX ManagerNSX ControllerNSX EdgePlatform Service ControllervCenter ServerVUM (Windows)ESXivSphere ReplicationSite Recovery Manager VMware Tools (VM)VM Hardware versionvSANAs part o[...]
    Blog Name: Bryan O’Connor Virtualisation and IT Blog Author: Bryan OConnor
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 14:11:00
  • Catch up on VMware’s public webinars

    Have you ever found yourself receiving an email from VMware with an excellent looking webinar to attend, only to find out you couldn’t make it? To make matters worse, you couldn’t figure out how to watch it after the fact. Let me guide you to the solution. This link will take you to a list ... Continue Reading "Catch up on VMware’s public webinars"
    Blog Name: For Crying Out Cloud Author: admin
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 13:43:35
  • TIP : Déplacer un groupe de VMs via PowerCLI

    Histoire de convaincre ceux (sans doute rares désormais) qui n’ont pas encore franchi le pas de “PowerCLI”, l’interface de pilotage de vSphere via PowerShell, je vous propose en cette après-midi ensoleillé de découvrir un petit script simple et pragmatique pour déplacer “par paquet” une liste de VMs. Rien de révolutionnaire ici, mais plutôt un moyen Lire la suite de ce merveilleux billet
    Blog Name: vBlog Author: Cédric
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 12:33:10
  • Mi experiencia con la certificación VMware vSAN 2017 Specialist Exam (2VB-601)

    El viernes pasado tuve la gran suerte de realizar y aprobar la nueva certificación vSAN 6.x Specialist y que tanto me iba rondando por la cabeza desde hace un tiempo, allá de mediados de marzo de este año. Para ser sincero estoy encantado a día de hoy con esta maravillosa certificación y apasaionante tecnología pero para ser honesto conmigo mismo y con vosotros esta devoción que tengo por vSAN no fue siempre así
    Blog Name: Jose Maria Gonzalez Author: Miguel Angel Alonso Pomar
    Published on 2018-05-24 | Time 07:30:21
  • Ya disponible vCenter Server 6.7a

    Ya está disponible para su descarga el release 6.7a de vCenter Server, el cual corrige varios errores ya conocidos y otros que ya estaban resueltos con parches menores. El siguiente es resumen de los mismos.Problemas resueltosProblemas de instalación y actualizaciónLa actualización a vCenter Server 6.7 puede fallar con un errorEl instalador de GUI puede mostrar mismo mensaje de error causado por fallas de Firstboot durante la etapa 2 de la actualización de vCenter Server ApplianceLa instala[...]
    Blog Name: VMware Virtualization Blog Author: Hernán Paggi
    Published on 2018-05-23 | Time 01:35:00