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  • 157143 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/157143-rss.png
    Using Jenkins with PKS

    I’m going to show how to create a Jenkins pipeline to deploy an application to Pivotal Container Service (PKS). You can also check out Route to Cloud’s article on how to use Jenkins X and PKS. In order to keep the length down, I’m going to cut some corners such as installing most things on [...]
    Blog Name: Author: Chris Greene
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 16:13:52
  • 156912 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156912-rss.png
    PowerCLI at VMworld US 2018

    It’s August and that means VMworld is right around the corner! Last year, we had an unprecedented amount of PowerCLI and automation-based sessions and that trend has continued this year! There are more sessions, a re-vamped PowerCLI Hands-On-Lab, not one but two expert-led PowerCLI Hands-On Lab time slots, a Hackathon training session, and there are [...] The post PowerCLI at VMworld US 2018 appeared first on VMware PowerCLI Blog.
    Blog Name: PowerCLI Author: Kyle Ruddy
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 16:04:25
  • 156570 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156570-rss.png
    Getting Started with the NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud API

    As with any proper Software-Defined solution, NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud has an API to automate against. To be precise, the Orchestrator has an API to automate against. As you might have read in my post about the NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud Basics, the Orchestrator is the centralized management interface of the SD-WAN. The Orchestrator provides you with a JSON-RPC API, which means you call it over HTTPS. It’s not a RESTful API, as all calls go through a POST query and authentication is handled in a s[...]
    Blog Name: Lost Domain Author: Martijn
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 15:18:43
  • 156631 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156631-rss.png
    PowerCLI で VM の .vmx ファイル パスを確認してみる。

    PowerCLI で、VM を構成するファイルの情報を取得することができます。そして、VM の定義情報が記載されている .vmx ファイルのパスも取得できます。ここでは、.vmx ファイルのパスを取得してついでにそのパスをもとに ESXi に VM の再登録をしてみます。 今回は「vm01」という名前の VM を対象とします。vm01 という VM 名は PowerCLI で接続している vCenter のインベントリで重複し[...]
    Blog Name: Gowatana Blog
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 14:57:49
  • 156798 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156798-rss.png
    What happened to MaxCostPerEsx41DS? It doesn’t seem to work in vSphere 6.x?

    Advertise here with BSA Today I received a question which also caught me by surprise, someone updated from vSphere 5.0 and he noticed that when doing an SDRS Maintenance Mode that the setting MaxCostPerEsx41DS did not work. This setting actually limits the number of active SvMotions on a single datastore. You can imagine that this can be desired when [...] The post What happened to MaxCostPerEsx41DS? It doesn’t seem to work in vSphere 6.x? appeared first on Yellow Bricks.
    Blog Name: Yellow Bricks Author: Duncan Epping
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 14:50:54
  • 156916 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156916-rss.png
    Learn about vSphere Upgrade at VMworld 2018

    With vSphere 5.5 going end of life on September 19, 2018, we have been organizing workshops all over the world to better educate customers and partners to upgrade to vSphere 6.x.  If you have already upgraded to vSphere 6.0 or 6.5, you may be interested in the latest features and wonder what your upgrade path The post Learn about vSphere Upgrade at VMworld 2018 appeared first on VMware vSphere Blog.
    Blog Name: vSphere Author: David Stamen
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 13:36:39
  • 156649 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156649-rss.png
    Creating a Single Host SDDC for VMware Cloud on AWS

    While preparing for my VMworld session with Michael Cade on automating and orchestrating the deployment of Veeam into VMware Cloud on AWS, we have been testing against the Single Host SDDC that’s been made available for on demand POCs for those looking to test the waters on VMware Cloud on AWS. The great thing about using the Single Host SDDC The post Creating a Single Host SDDC for VMware Cloud on AWS appeared first on VIRTUALIZATION IS LIFE!.
    Blog Name: Virtualization Is Life Author: Anthony Spiteri
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 13:31:52
  • 156848 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156848-rss.png
    Kubernetes on vSphere – Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode #86

    I was delighted to be asked along to the latest Virtually Speaking podcast last week. I was invited to attend alongside the very smart Frank Denneman. Also joining us was Myles “vOdgeball sports scholarship” Gray (you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get that joke). And of course, we were joined by talented podcast [...] The post Kubernetes on vSphere – Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode #86 appeared first on
    Blog Name: Author: Cormac
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 13:00:43
  • 156875 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156875-rss.png
    Be on the Cloud-Native Cutting Edge! Get the Inside Story from Early Adopters at our PKS Panel

    One of the best practices of attending conferences like VMworld is to never miss a session which includes customer stories, and that’s the reason why you don’t want to miss this PKS panel at VMworld. On the afternoon of Monday, Aug. 27 at VMworld US, three industry experts will join Paul Dul, VP of Product The post Be on the Cloud-Native Cutting Edge! Get the Inside Story from Early Adopters at our PKS Panel appeared first on Cloud-Native Apps.
    Blog Name: Cloud-Native Apps Author: Cloud-Native Apps
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 13:00:06
  • 156562 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156562-rss.png
    VMware Usage Meter Support!

    If you are a service provider that is a part of VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) which formerly known as vCAN, then you had to use VMware Usage Meter to report usage. At certain time you might need help either with failure during setting up VMware Usage Meter or you need help troubleshooting an issue with Usage Meter. Service providers seem to often ask how to get support with Usage Meter. Usage Meter is like any other VMware product, it is supported by VMware Support Organization (GSS). VMw[...]
    Blog Name: Virtualization Team Author: Eiad Al-Aqqad
    Published on 2018-08-13 | Time 09:04:09
  • 156010 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156010-rss.png
    Overview of vSphere Web Client Storage Plugin

    This article throws light on the advantages of using vSphere web client storage plugin to deal with data center storage. Also, this article talks about the overview on development and testing of vSphere storage plugin and what are prerequisites for development The post Overview of vSphere Web Client Storage Plugin appeared first on Calsoft Inc. Blog.
    Blog Name: Calsoft Author: Jayant Ahirrao
    Published on 2018-08-12 | Time 05:35:33
  • 156046 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/156046-rss.png
    VM Explorer 7.1 Released with vSphere 6.7 Support

    Another data protection vendor, Microfocus, released a VM Explorer compatible with the latest version of VMware vSphere 6.7. If you’re new to this, you should know that VM Explorer was previously built by Swiss company Trilead. Since then HPE and now Microfocus took over the development and release cycles. VM Explorer 7.1 Released with vSphere 6.7 [...] Read the full post VM Explorer 7.1 Released with vSphere 6.7 Support at ESX Virtualization.
    Blog Name: ESX Virtualization Author: Vladan SEGET
    Published on 2018-08-12 | Time 05:30:43
  • 155613 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/155613-rss.png
    Backup VCSA 6.7 with VAMI

    One common way to backup the VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) is manage as a common VM and use a backup solution to backup (and restore) the entire VM. But it’s approach does not always work, for example in case on a database corruption the VM restore could be not working. Starting with vSphere 6.5 and the new VCSA 6.5 was possible use also a native backup solution integrated in the vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface (VAMI). But was manual operation (some scripts are available[...]
    Blog Name: vInfrastructure Blog Author: Andrea Mauro
    Published on 2018-08-12 | Time 13:47:36
  • 155490 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/155490-rss.png
    HPE ProLiant iLO SSL Certificate Using Microsoft CA and PowerShell

    How to add an SSL certificate to a HPE iLO using an internal Microsoft Certificate Authority
    Blog Name: vGemba Author: Colin Westwater
    Published on 2018-08-11 | Time 00:00:00
  • 154984 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/154984-rss.png
    VMware Certification & Exam discount codes with VMUG

    Technical exams can help to validate your knowledge, progress your career or be taken to meet company policies. However, taking exams can be costly. This is especially true when you have to renew them every 2-3 years and you are self-funded. As of April 1st 2017 the following costs apply: VCA – VMware Certified Associate: [...]
    Blog Name: VirtualG Author: Graham
    Published on 2018-08-11 | Time 20:47:55