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  • Achievement Unlocked: VMware VCAP 6.5 DCV 3v0-624 Exam – Summary and Tips

    I wanted to start off my Monday morning with a bang, so decided to schedule my VCAP 3v0-624 exam for the first in the morning. Well, I passed! Before walking into this exam, I wasn’t sure if I prepared enough, ... Continue Reading → The post Achievement Unlocked: VMware VCAP 6.5 DCV 3v0-624 Exam – Summary and Tips appeared first on Clouds, etc..
    Blog Name: Clouds, etc. Author: Daniel Paluszek
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 22:29:03
  • Veeam Backup: Exclusiones antivirus Windows Defender con PowerShell

    Una de las novedades introducida en Windows Server 2016 es que incorpora de forma predeterminada el antivirus: Windows Defender. Por otro lado, en el equipo donde tenemos instalado Veeam Backup, deberían haber configuradas ciertas exclusiones de directorios y ficheros. En el siguiente KB de Veeam, podemos ver el detalle de las rutas y procesos recomendados para ser excluidos del motor de
    Blog Name: SYSADMIT
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 21:02:42
  • vExpert 2018 Second Half Applications are Now Open!

    The wait is over and the second time to apply for vExpert 2018 is here! Applications will stay open from June 18th and will close on July 13th for a August 9th announcement.  June 18th- vExpert applications go live. July 13th – All vExpert applications close (no late entries this year). August 9th – vExpert Award Announcement How [...] The post vExpert 2018 Second Half Applications are Now Open! appeared first on VMTN Blog.
    Blog Name: VMTN Community Author: Corey Romero
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 19:42:54
  • New Horizon API calls in PowerCLI 10.1.1

    VMware quietly released a new version of PowerCLI last week: 10.1.1. This release is mainly an update for the Horizon View API’s. This to bring it back on level with the current Horizon release at 7.5. The release notes are not very extensive but it has a fix for some... Continue Reading
    Blog Name: Retouw Author: Wouter
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 19:10:21
  • New Release: VMware PowerCLI 10.1.1

    It’s release day and we have another terrific update ready for you. VMware PowerCLI 10.1.1 includes some very important updates specifically for the Horizon View folks! PowerCLI 10.1.1 includes brand new support for Horizon View 7.5. This is quite significant because Horizon View was released just a few short weeks ago and had quite a [...] The post New Release: VMware PowerCLI 10.1.1 appeared first on VMware PowerCLI Blog.
    Blog Name: PowerCLI Author: Kyle Ruddy
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 18:23:00
  • VMware Ranks #3 in Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT

    A Culture of Possibility Starts With Our Customers VMware believes in the power of the individual to affect change. As the waves of technology adoption accelerate, the business must be able to respond to market opportunities much faster. VMware IT plays a crucial role in enabling innovation in order to provide the solutions and services to [...] The post VMware Ranks #3 in Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT appeared first on VMware CIO Exchange.
    Blog Name: CIO Exchange Author: Tricia Stream
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 18:21:42
  • Proactively Identifying Potential Risk with VMware Skyline

    As part of our goal to continuously improve the customer support experience, Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) can now interactively view the proactive findings and recommendations delivered to customers today within the Skyline Operational Summary Report (OSR). Additionally, within the findings and recommendations, TSEs can view customer environment inventory information along with all Support Requests (SRs) […] The post Proactively Identifying Potential Risk with VMware Skyline appeared fir[...]
    Blog Name: Support Insider Author: Nick Fritsch
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 16:18:56
  • How to Enable vSAN Performance Service

    In this series of vSAN we have successfully configured vSAN and vSAN Storage policies. vSAN comes with the performance service which is very useful to check and troubleshoot the performance of the vSAN Cluster. The performance service collects and analyzes performance statistics and displays the data in a graphical format. You can use the performance …
    Blog Name: Mastering VMware Author: Mayur Parmar
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 16:16:32
  • The future of Gaming – could VMware and Citrix benefit? (BAW14)

    As you may have heard as part of the E3 announcements last week, there is a strong belief that after the next generation of games consoles, development on future games consoles will stop.  This type of thing has been muted around on a number of occasions but it has never really happened, so why could it happen this time? With [...]
    Blog Name: VirtualWorldUK Author: Dinger
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 16:00:03
  • OVFTool and VMware Cloud on AWS

    Recently, I had noticed a number of questions that have come up regarding the use of OVFTool with the VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) service. I had a chance to take a look at this last Friday and I can confirm that customers can indeed use this tool to import/export VMs into VMC whether they [...]
    Blog Name: virtuallyGhetto Author: William Lam
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 15:53:58
  • vRealize Automation 7.4 and ServiceNow integration, displaying the cost of Cloud Services: Part 2 -vRA Custom Forms

    In part 1 of this series we created T-Shirt size blueprints, let’s see how to now pass on the “Blueprint” cost as  custom property through custom forms in vRA so that it can be visible in ServiceNow portal. Step 2: Create a “Custom Property” for Blueprint Cost and add it to your Blueprint In this [...]
    Blog Name: vcloud Invasion Author: Anuj Gupta
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 15:33:42
  • VMware NSX-T + CNA with Niran Even-Chen (@NiranEC)

    Niran Even-Chen ( joins us to talk about NSX-T and Cloud Native Applications (CNA). Watch as he proves that they work together like peanut butter and jelly. The video includes 3 live demos! *About vBrownBag* SUBSCRIBE! Socials: Twitter: Facebook: iTunes: Google+: is a community of people who believe in Read more about [...]
    Blog Name: ProfessionalVMware Author: Thom Greene
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 13:08:23
  • VMware – Componentes do NSX – parte 2

    Olá Pessoal,    Dando continuidade a nossa serie, gostaria de trazer mais alguns componentes que de fato vão compor a solução para utilização do NSX, ou seja, esses componentes são os ítens que são construídos no momento que você irá fazer a implementação dessa solução.    Para termos uma visão macro segue a estrutura para … Continue lendo O post VMware – Componentes do NSX – parte 2 apareceu primeiro em Cisco Redes. Posts Relacionados: VMware vExpert 2017 – BLOG[...]
    Blog Name: Cisco Redes Author: Rodrigo Rovere
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 12:00:52
  • 92301 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/92301-rss.png
    Computerworld’s 100 Best Places to work in IT 2018: VMware Ranks #3 Among Large Organizations

      What is Computerworld’s ‘100 Best Places to Work in IT’ list? The Best Places to Work in IT list is an annual ranking of the top 100 workplace communities for technology professionals by IDG’s Computerworld. This year, we are thrilled to announce that VMware made it into the top 5, coming in at #3 [...] The post Computerworld’s 100 Best Places to work in IT 2018: VMware Ranks #3 Among Large Organizations appeared first on VMware Careers Blog.
    Blog Name: VMware Careers Author: Leona Sullivan
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 09:35:51
  • VMware Cloud on AWS – One-Host SDDC Offering

    It’s official! I’m excited to announce that VMware Cloud on AWS now has an easier way for you to quickly deploy and use our service. We are now offering 1-node/1-host Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC’s) for customers to be able to... The post VMware Cloud on AWS – One-Host SDDC Offering appeared first on BRIAN GRAF.
    Blog Name: vTagion – Virtualization is Contagious Author: Brian
    Published on 2018-06-18 | Time 09:25:37