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  • Issue installing PKS 1.6.2

    I'm installing PKS 1.6.2, this is the last release for PKS 1.6 version. After I configured using EPMC (Enterprise PKS Management Console) and I applied all changes using the wizard, I was getting the error:May 27 17:32:04 Automator (Deploy ops-manager 2.8.5) failed: error validating Ops Manager ntp: Command error output: ntp servers provided invalidn, error: exit status 1n”May 27 17:32:06 pks-mgmt-server[919]: time=“2020-05-27T17:32:06Z” level=info msg=“Update for deployment 78c21e04-441[...]

    Blog Name: VLabWare

    Author: Unknown

    Published on 2020-05-29 | Time 13:35:00

  • Upgrading to ESXi 7.0 via Lifecycle Manager

    I found an error when upgrading my ESXi 6.7 hosts to 7.0 today. The upgrade via Lifecycle Manager (AKA Update Manager (VUM)) shows as ‘incompatible’ when the host is remediated…Read MoreUpgrading to ESXi 7.0 via Lifecycle Manager

    Blog Name:

    Author: Christian Parker

    Published on 2020-05-29 | Time 12:00:00

  • vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-10: Supervisor Cluster 有効化編

    ひきつづき、vSphere with Kubernetes を体験するためのラボ環境構築をしていきます。これまでは、前提環境をととのえるための準備でしたが、今回は、Supervisor Cluster を有効化します。 前回の投稿はこちら。vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-09: Tier-0 ゲートウェイ作成編 Supervisor Cluster の有効化。Supervisor Cluster は、vSphere Client の「ワークロード管理」から有効化します。([...]

    Blog Name:

    Published on 2020-05-29 | Time 10:48:24

  • vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-09: Tier-0 ゲートウェイ作成編

    引き続き、vSphere with Kubernetes を体験するためのラボ環境構築をしていきます。今回は、NSX の Tier-0 ゲートウェイを作成します。 前回はこちら。vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-08: NSX Edge 設定編 ここでは、Supervisor Cluster を有効化する前提として必要なNSX-T によるネットワークを作成しておきます。 VLAN セグメントの作成。Tier-0 ゲートウェイのアップリンク インター[...]

    Blog Name:

    Published on 2020-05-29 | Time 09:48:59

  • VMware Workstation FREE Update Released – 15.5.5

    VMware Workstation Free Update has been released. This is a Workstation 15.5.5 release which brings very awaited functionality by many IT admins. It is a possibility to run nested vSphere labs as well as Hyper-V labs on the same machine. It is the first time that VMWare ESXi nested hypervisor can run alongside with Microsoft [...] Read the full post VMware Workstation FREE Update Released – 15.5.5 at ESX Virtualization.

    Blog Name:

    Author: Vladan SEGET

    Published on 2020-05-29 | Time 07:19:12

  • VMware vSAN Reduces Complexity, Cost & Improves…

    VMware vSAN Reduces Complexity, Cost & Improves… Given a rapidly-evolving technology landscape, ever-present cybersecurity risks and underperforming, overly-complex legacy systems, many organizations are turning to VMware Cloud Foundation powered by VMware vSAN to simplify and automate operations. It allows the IT department to deliver [...] VMware Social Media Advocacy

    Blog Name:

    Author: Alexander

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 05:05:06

  • Powershell: Changing NSX-T Segment Profiles enmasse.

    Summary:Note to self, cut back on the reddit.  It's a time suck and VMware questions are popping up that I have time to answer w/o the shadow of a retired LucD bot lurking.  Anyway, someone asked if you could update segment profiles, so I got curious and followed the rabbit.Here is the example I came up with.  It's straight powershell core, so no special modules needed, not even vmware.powercli.  GASP!

    Blog Name:

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 04:05:55

  • VMware Workstation 15.5 Now Supports Host Hyper-V Mode

    With the release of VMware Workstation/Player 15.5.5, we are very excited and proud to announce support for Windows hosts with Hyper-V mode enabled! As you may know, this is a joint project from both Microsoft and VMware. You can also check out Microsoft’s blog here. Direct Download: Workstation 15.5.5 Pro: Windows Workstation 15.5.5 Pro: Linux [...] The post VMware Workstation 15.5 Now Supports Host Hyper-V Mode appeared first on VMware Workstation Zealot.

    Blog Name: VMware Workstation

    Author: Zongmin

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 03:05:47

  • What is vRealize Automation?

    This week, Sam Larch and Vince Wood discuss vRealize Automation with Nathan Bennett and Dale Hassinger. In addition to the What and Why, Nathan and Dale share some experience using vRA to motivate you the listener to take action andn automate some of your repetitive tasks. We also cover some things to consider when starting your vRA journey. If you think we missed something, Join us in Slack and let us know: ITR Slack Join Link Links mentioned in this episode: Pluralsight vRA Getting Started Co[...]

    Blog Name:

    Author: H-Town Vinny

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 02:38:09

  • Horizon Service Control Plane – Where’s my License Key?

    You might be asking right now: I did move to Horizon Subscription license and I’m missing my licenses when I access MyVMware portal. So, where’s my license key? Different from previous licenses you’ve acquired from VMware in the past, within this service you don’t receive a license to be used like a perpetual configuration way.Continue reading

    Blog Name:

    Author: Thiago Valcesia

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 01:32:51

  • VMware Fusion 11.5: Now With Container Support

    Fusion 11.5.5 Available Now tldr; Fusion Supports Containers! Download the bits below! Download Release Notes vctl getting started guide Today is a big day for us on the Desktop Hypervisor team. Our beloved products Fusion and Workstation are getting some pretty significant updates for no extra cost to existing users. We have a lot to [...] The post VMware Fusion 11.5: Now With Container Support appeared first on VMware Fusion Blog.

    Blog Name: VMware Fusion

    Author: Michael Roy

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 22:13:48

  • Dia 1: vRealize Operations Manager 8 (vROps)

    Saudações, Hoje é dia de vROps, operações do dia 1 “instalação/deployment” do vRealize Operations Manager. vROps é uma fantástica ferramenta de monitorização unificada, e optimização de recursos de infraestrutura (Hypervisors, cloud, containers, etc). Com vrops é possível ter uma visão completa da infraestrutura, remediar anomalias na VI, remediação pro-activa, usar como planeador de capacidade para … Continuar a ler Dia 1: vRealize Operations Manager 8 (vROps)

    Blog Name:

    Author: Manuel Nhiuana

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 21:32:16

  • Important Notice: v10 Patch 2 Is Out… vSphere 7 Support, Cloud Connect Fixes and More!

    Today, Veeam made available Patch 2 for Veeam Backup & Replication 10 (Build P2). This is the second cumulative patch for v10 and contains a number of important fixes as part of issues reported by our customers since v10 was released in Feburary. For me, It’s great to see that within three months we have been [...] Read More The post Important Notice: v10 Patch 2 Is Out… vSphere 7 Support, Cloud Connect Fixes and More! appeared first on VIRTUALIZATION IS LIFE!.

    Blog Name:

    Author: Anthony Spiteri

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 19:25:41

  • vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-08: NSX Edge 設定編

    引き続き、vSphere with Kubernetes を体験するためのラボ環境構築をしていきます。今回は、前回デプロイした NSX Edge を、トランスポート ノードとして設定します。 前回はこちら。vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-07: NSX Edge デプロイ編 Edge 用 アップリンク プロファイルの作成。NSX Edge は、以前に設定した ESXi とは NIC 数やチーミング ポリシー、TEP の接続するネットワー[...]

    Blog Name:

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 18:01:39

  • vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-07: NSX Edge デプロイ編

    引き続き、vSphere with Kubernetes を体験するためのラボ環境構築をしていきます。今回は、NSX Edge の仮想アプライアンスをデプロイします。 前回はこちら。vSphere with Kubernetes ラボ環境構築。Part-06: ホスト トランスポート ノード準備編 NSX Manager に登録されている(コンピュート マネージャになっている)vCenter配下の ESXi 上であれば、NSX Edge は NSX Manager の Web UI からデプロイ[...]

    Blog Name:

    Published on 2020-05-28 | Time 17:41:43