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  • 120479 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/120479-rss.png
    VMware Power CLI yüklemek ve Custom ISO Oluşturmak

    Ön Hazırlık :- Ön hazırlık olarak sisteminiz 64 bit olmalı. Biz Server 2012 R2 x64 seçtik. Sistem gereksinimi olarak ise; .Net 3.5 ve .Net 4.5 yükledik. Kontrol edelim.- Server 2012 R2 üzerinde bulunan tüm güncellemleri yapın tavsiyemdir :)Başlıyoruz :  ilk olarak Server 2012 R2 üzerinde Var olan Power Shell versiyonuna bakıyoruz.Komut : $psversiontableYeni kurulum olarak düşünür isek eğer sizde versiyon 4.0 olmalıdır. Ama bizim isteğimiz PSversion : 5.2  olmasıdır.B[...]
    Blog Name: vMwareTv – cahit yolaçan Author: Cahit Yolacan
    Published on 2018-07-15 | Time 05:50:00
  • VCSA Upgrade Error: Error setting Network

    When VMware releases the newer version of vSphere, Every company look for the upgrade options for better performance and management. With the release of vSphere 6.7 VMware announced the vCenter Server Appliance 6.7. VCSA 6.7 has many good features and improvements. In the last post we looked at How to Upgrade VCSA 6.5 to VCSA …
    Blog Name: Mastering VMware Author: Mayur Parmar
    Published on 2018-07-15 | Time 01:01:27
  • Updated vNugglets.VDNetworking PowerShell module

    Hurray -- the vNugglets.VDNetworking PowerShell module is now updated (with updates available on the PowerShellGallery)! This module has cmdlets for helping manage your VMware virtual distributed networking infrastructure, like reporting on and configuring traffic filtering/marking configurations. The ChangeLog has all of the juicy details, but the big news with this update:The Set-VNVMHostNetworkAdapterVDUplink cmdlet provides the ability to manage the VDSwitch Uplink for a VMHost physical NIC [...]
    Blog Name: vNugglets Author: MattBoren (@mtboren)
    Published on 2018-07-15 | Time 19:08:00
  • 120388 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/120388-rss.png
    Updated DRSRule PowerShell module, now on PSGallery!

    A quick blurb on the DRSRule PowerShell module for managing VMware DRS rules via PowerShell/PowerCLI: the module is updated with several bugfixes and enhancements.Possibly as exciting of news: the module is now available on the official PowerShellGallery, so it is a snap to install/update the module on your machine!As with any module on the PowerShellGallery, you save the module with the Save-Module cmdlet (so that you can inspect the code and ensure that things are good -- security first!). [...]
    Blog Name: vNugglets Author: MattBoren (@mtboren)
    Published on 2018-07-15 | Time 19:05:00
  • Wo ist die VCSA OVA?

    Extraktion der VCSA als OVA Wo ist die Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) Datei der vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)? Der normale Setup Prozess sieht nur die Installation von einem Fremdsystem (Win, Mac, Linux) vor, in das das ISO eingebunden wird. In meinem Fall wollte ich jedoch ein Testsystem auf der Ravello Cloud installieren, ohne eine Gast … "Wo ist die VCSA OVA?" weiterlesen Der Beitrag Wo ist die VCSA OVA? erschien zuerst auf ElasticSky.
    Blog Name: Elastic Sky Author: Michael Schroeder
    Published on 2018-07-15 | Time 19:01:30
  • 119386 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/119386-rss.png
    PowerCLI で VM 停止しないように CD/DVD ドライブからメディアを取り出してみる。

    VM の仮想 CD/DVD ドライブからメディアを切断するときに、Linux ゲストでマウントしたままだと、質問メッセージがでて VM が停止してしまいます。しかも、ゲスト OS でアンマウントしている場合でも、なぜか同様に VM が停止してしまうことがあります。そこで PowerCLI を利用して、VM を起動したままの状態で メディアを取り出してみます。 メディア切断時の VM の状態。仮[...]
    Blog Name: Gowatana Blog
    Published on 2018-07-15 | Time 14:15:54
  • 119405 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/119405-rss.png
    VMware Workstation Tech Preview 2018 REST API

    The recently released Workstation Tech Preview now has an API interface like Fusion. This is how to get started.
    Blog Name: vGemba Author: Colin Westwater
    Published on 2018-07-14 | Time 00:00:00
  • 118269 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/118269-rss.png
    NSX 6.4.x Upgrade Coordinator

    This post will walk through an upgrade to NSX 6.4.1 using the new Upgrade Coordinator feature allowing simultaneous upgrade planning of multiple NSX components. From version 6.4 onwards upgrade plans can be used to upgrade host clusters, controller clusters, Edge ... Continue Reading
    Blog Name: ESXsi Author: ESXsi
    Published on 2018-07-14 | Time 12:14:11
  • 118503 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/118503-rss.png
    VMware: New Rollup Bulletins Simplify VMware ESXi Updating

    VMware ESXi patches are released periodically to resolve issues or address security vulnerabilities – just like any other software product. These updates can either be downloaded automatically through VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM) or manually by logging in to My VMware. Regardless of delivery means, the contents are the same: a collection of software packages, [...] The post VMware: New Rollup Bulletins Simplify VMware ESXi Updating appeared first on VMpros.
    Blog Name: VMpros Author: sanderdaems (online)
    Published on 2018-07-14 | Time 10:45:55
  • 118136 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/118136-rss.png
    Building a BeyondCorp/Zero Trust solution using only VMware products

    Author: Peter Bjork – Principal System Engineer (@thepeb) | Office of the CTO, Global Field Reviewers: Cameron Haight – Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Americas and Hadar Freehling – Staff Systems Engineer Ever since I read the Google’s BeyondCorp white papers many years ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about application protection, user experience, ease [...] The post Building a BeyondCorp/Zero Trust solution using only VMware products appeared first on VMware | OCTO Blog.
    Blog Name: Office of the CTO Author: Global Field Principals
    Published on 2018-07-13 | Time 22:45:41
  • 117181 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/117181-rss.png
    vSpeaking Podcast Episode 84: Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

    Last year at VMworld, Pivotal, in collaboration with VMware and Google announced the launch of Pivotal Container Service™ (PKS) A few months back they announced the launch of their initial public offering of 37,000,000 shares of its Class A common stock and recently announced PKS 1.1 is generally available. This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we The post vSpeaking Podcast Episode 84: Pivotal Container Service (PKS) appeared first on Virtual Blocks.
    Blog Name: vSAN / Virtual Blocks Author: Pete Flecha
    Published on 2018-07-13 | Time 17:24:09
  • 117923 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/117923-rss.png
    [News]: VMware Tools HGFS Vulnerability

    VMware Tools HGFS Out-Of-Bounds Read Vulnerability VMware Tools contains an out-of-bounds read vulnerability in HGFS. Successful exploitation of this issue may lead to information disclosure or may allow attackers to escalate their privileges on guest VMs. Note: In order to be able to exploit this issue, file sharing must be enabled. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures [...] The post [News]: VMware Tools HGFS Vulnerability appeared first on Davoud Teimouri.
    Blog Name: Author: Davoud Teimouri
    Published on 2018-07-13 | Time 16:30:33
  • 117381 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/117381-rss.png
    Installing Powershell on Centos 7

    This is a quick post covering how to install Powershell on a Centos 7 machine. You can read more about Powershell Core here. To install on Centos, first enable the repo required by running (in superuser mode): # sudo su # curl > /etc/yum.repos.d/microsoft.repo # exit Once done, install Powershell by running: sudo yum [...]
    Blog Name: buildvirtual Author: admin
    Published on 2018-07-13 | Time 15:23:16
  • 117183 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/117183-rss.png
    Understanding vSAN Encryption – Booting when vCenter is Unavailable

    Since the introduction of vSAN Encryption in vSAN 6.6 some of routine questions that get asked include: Do vSAN hosts get encryption key information from vCenter? What if vCenter is offline, is vSAN encryption impacted? What if vCenter is removed/replaced/not available, is vSAN impacted? The answers to these are pretty straightforward and easy to answer. The post Understanding vSAN Encryption – Booting when vCenter is Unavailable appeared first on Virtual Blocks.
    Blog Name: vSAN / Virtual Blocks Author: Jase McCarty
    Published on 2018-07-13 | Time 15:00:02
  • 116955 /wp-content/uploads/screenshot-uploads/116955-rss.png
    What’s new in VMware vSphere 6.7 – Technical PDF

    There is a new whitepaper from VMware. It is a technical PDF called What’s new in VMware vSphere 6.7, which covers all new features within vSphere 6.7. The 6.7 release is the release where we see many improvements already within the VCSA 6.7 which is 2x faster with memory consumption reduced 3x. This release also has [...] Read the full post What’s new in VMware vSphere 6.7 – Technical PDF at ESX Virtualization.
    Blog Name: ESX Virtualization Author: Vladan SEGET
    Published on 2018-07-13 | Time 14:05:18