A First-Timer Perspective on BazelCon 2019


By Aida Rivas At VMware, we’re constantly looking at ways to transform how we build enterprise software to continue to deliver breakthrough offerings at the intersection of cloud, apps, containers, networking, mobility and security. Open source software (OSS) is key to our software stack, so we’re members of governing bodies like the Linux Foundation and provide Read more...

What Does 2020 Have in Store? Our Open Source Engineers Explain


Contributors include: Malini Bhandaru, John Hawley and Tim Pepper. We asked some of the engineers in VMware’s Open Source Technology Center to predict what’s to come in 2020. Here’s what they said.  Open Source Partnerships, Larger Microservices, and Real-World Use Cases Edge processing, close to the data sources/things and in order to reduce response latency Read more...

Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins: The Native Wavefront-Jenkins Integration Solution


By Dimitar Parapanov Wavefront by VMware (Wavefront) is a massively scalable, real-time, analytics platform for metrics monitoring. Offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), Wavefront allows you to ask almost any question of your data and get answers back in real-time, then easily turn such queries into dashboards and alerts. Jenkins server can be challenging to monitor. With hundreds Read more...