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CodeHouse 2019

VMware CodeHouse 2019: It’s Kubernetes Time!


By Jonas Rosland, Open Source Community Manager Each August, VMware opens its doors to a select group of women studying computer science and engineering at our CodeHouse event. As usual, open source was front and center in the CodeHouse 2019 48-hour hackathon, as teams competed to build applications running on Kubernetes that advance either STEM Read more...

Tabs vs. Spaces: The Debate Rages On


UPDATE #2: Last we talked, the great Tabs vs. Spaces debate was at an impasse once more, and to be frank, we grew despondent that such a meaningful question would ever be solved. But history loves a hopeless quest, so we set off to Open Source Summit Europe for our third attempt at solving this divisive argument. Read more...

An Update on Purser: The Kubernetes Tool That Saves You Serious Money


By Hemani Katyal and Krishna Karthik Just over a year ago, VMware open-sourced Purser, a Kubernetes extension that offers detailed cost insights into cloud native application workloads. In particular, Purser provides visibility into resource use for any specific Kubernetes cluster, including real-time reporting of the financial charges each application has incurred. Here’s why that’s important: more Read more...