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Project Flowgate

Introducing Project Flowgate, a Data Integration Hub of Facility Systems and IT Stacks for Enterprise Data Centers


By Gavin Lu Today, we’re pleased to announce a new open source project, Project Flowgate, which will help enterprises integrate facility systems data and IT data to form a holistic view of their operations. By combining these two disparate data sets into one view, data center managers will be better equipped to optimize operations and Read more...

How to Be a Good Maintainer, Part 1 – Best Practices


By Tim Pepper  What does it take to be a good open source maintainer? I know from personal experience that the skills it requires don’t come naturally to many engineers. But as I’ve worked at being a better maintainer myself, I’ve realized that it’s also a very learnable role. In this first post of two, Read more...

How to Select Project Maintainers for Long-Term Success


By Alexandre Courouble The sustainability of open source projects often relies on a single person: the maintainer. Maintainers are often the only people with commit access to the source code, meaning they are responsible for the future of the project. For projects with a single maintainer, this could represent an important security issue. As industries Read more...
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What Kind of Open Source Project Should You Join First?


By Nikolay Nikolaev When you are new to open source, there are two broad categories of projects that you can join. There are mature projects that tend to be large scale, well organized and have their basic development roadmaps already established. Then there are younger, scrappier efforts that can be more chaotic and liable to Read more...