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New Forwarding Plane

Open Networking Summit Europe Preview: Introducing a New Forwarding Plane for Network Service Mesh


By Radoslav Dimitrov In a presentation at the Open Networking Summit Europe on September 23rd, I’ll be introducing a new forwarding plane that we recently integrated into Network Service Mesh (NSM). NSM is the CNCF sandbox project that lets you run networking workloads for domains not covered by the Kubernetes default in a declarative, cloud native Read more...
CodeHouse 2019

VMware CodeHouse 2019: It’s Kubernetes Time!


By Jonas Rosland, Open Source Community Manager Each August, VMware opens its doors to a select group of women studying computer science and engineering at our CodeHouse event. As usual, open source was front and center in the CodeHouse 2019 48-hour hackathon, as teams competed to build applications running on Kubernetes that advance either STEM Read more...

Tabs vs. Spaces: The Debate Rages On


UPDATE #2: Last we talked, the great Tabs vs. Spaces debate was at an impasse once more, and to be frank, we grew despondent that such a meaningful question would ever be solved. But history loves a hopeless quest, so we set off to Open Source Summit Europe for our third attempt at solving this divisive argument. Read more...