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VMware Joins the Bytecode Alliance

The Bytecode Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating secure new software foundations, building on standards such as WebAssembly and WebAssembly System Interface (WASI). VMware recently joined the Bytecode Alliance to enable increased community around WebAssembly and related technologies.  

WebAssembly is an exciting, rapidly growing technology that has its origins in the browser but has quickly evolved to support many different layers of the software development stack. Our engineers have been following WebAssembly from the sidelines and with this new level of engagement with the Bytecode Alliance, are now ready to take a more active role in its development. As VMware expands into leadership roles in Edge and multi-cloud, WebAssembly provides a great way to address many of the challenges involved, such as portability, resource constraints and security. 

“An exciting technology in its early days, WebAssembly is shaping up to be a core component of next-generation application platforms. VMware, as an industry leader in multi-cloud and Edge, is looking forward to collaborating with the Bytecode Alliance and its members to continue to drive the technology forward.”

– Kit Colbert, VMware CTO 

One of WebAssembly’s strengths is that it is an open source, widely adopted technology with a vibrant community of contributors. VMware hopes to help advance its continued development by collaborating with forward-looking companies in this space. The Bytecode Alliance held its member election in May, and I’m excited to be joining the board of directors .

“In the Bytecode Alliance, we’re working on new foundations for building secure, efficient software for today’s complex multi-platform environments. In VMware, we’re incredibly happy to welcome a new partner with a proven track record of innovating on building and deploying software at scale.”

Till Schneidereit, Bytecode Alliance co-founder and chair  

We are working on several exciting initiatives, many in cooperation with related upstream open source projects, and we can’t wait to share them with you over the coming months. If you are interested in working on WebAssembly at VMware, we’re hiring! Take a look at some of our WebAssembly-related positions across the company as of June 2022. 

Visit the Bytecode Alliance website for more information about current members and projects, as well as how to become a member, and follow the Alliance on Twitter at @bytecodeallies. 

Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter for more deep dives into the world of open source contributing.

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