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Malini Bhandaru

Malini Bhandaru leads open source IoT efforts at VMware, actively contributing to EdgeX Foundry, and serving as co-chair of its Security Work Group, first working on IoT and AI long before they were hot. Prior to VMware during her decade long career at Intel, she worked on big data for…

Dirk Hohndel

Dirk Hohndel is VMware’s Chief Open Source Officer. He leads the company’s Open Source Program Office, directing the efforts and strategy around use of and contribution to open source projects and driving common values and processes across the company for VMware’s interaction with the open source communities. Before joining VMware,…

Nikolay Nikolaev

Leading VMware's Open Source Technology Center's Networking team. Mostly focused on cloud-native aspects of networking, network virtualization and its telco applications.

Steven Rostedt

Steven has been working on the Linux kernel since 1998 (started while working on his masters). He has been working on the Linux kernel professionally since 2001. Steven is one of the original developers of the PREEMPT_RT patch which turns Linux into a true real-time operating system. Steven is also…

Suzanne Ambiel

Suzanne is the Open Source Director of Marketing and Strategy at VMware. She's been with VMware since 2011 traversing the company landscape: from VMware View to vSAN and now, to Open Source.

Dawn Foster

Dawn Foster is the Director of Open Source Community Strategy in VMware’s Open Source Program Office. You can learn more about Dawn by visiting her blog (fastwonderblog) or following her on Twitter.

Joshua Lock

Joshua is the security team lead for security in the Open Source Technology Center and an active contributor to implementation and standardisation of The Update Framework (TUF). He and his team are focused on securing the open source ecosystem by working on software supply chain security technologies and their integrations.…

Nisha Kumar

Nisha Kumar co-maintains Tern, an open source tool that help users make better decisions for their container supply chain. She has been an open source enthusiast ever since she came across a Linux computer. Apart from hacking containers, evangelizing open source best practices and learning to make pretty things with…

Darren Hart

Darren Hart has worked “in and around the Linux kernel” throughout his career, and he is the Linux kernel maintainer for x86 platform drivers. At VMware, Darren continues his open source contributions to the Linux kernel and other projects, while also working with internal teams on open source development methodologies…

John Hawley

John 'Warthog9' Hawley led the system administration team on for nearly a decade, leading a team including four other administrators. His other exploits include working on Syslinux, OpenSSI, a caching Gitweb, and patches to bind to enable GeoDNS. He's the author of PXE Knife, a set of interfaces around…

Matt Helsley

Matt has more than 20 years of experience learning about and using free and open source software, especially around the Linux kernel. His foray into open source began at UCLA, where he studied the Linux kernel and the UCLA Linux Users Group leadership team, giving him a deep appreciation for…

Rhonda Edwards

Rhonda is an open source marketer with a passion for innovative technologies contributing to the fourth industrial revolution. She is an electrical engineer by training.

Tim Pepper

Pepper is a Senior Staff Engineer in VMware’s Open Source Technology Center, specializing in Linux and open source systems development. He is the team lead for open orchestration and containers and acts as the VMware community liaison to Kubernetes. In this capacity, he’s participated in both the SIG-Release and SIG-Contributor-Experience…

Alex Courouble

Open Source Software Engineer

Lauren Weintraub Britton

Lauren is a senior program manager for the Office of the CTO, Open Source Program Office, at VMware.

Venil Noronha

Venil Noronha is an engineer in VMware’s Open Source Technology Center. He primarily contributes upstream to open source projects in the service mesh domain, like Istio and Envoy proxy. In the past, he’s contributed to several open source projects, including Kubernetes, Spring and Golang. He also loves to write about…

Rose Judge

Rose Judge is an Open Source Engineer at VMware where she co-maintains Tern, an open source tool that helps users make better decisions for their container supply chain. She previously spent five years packaging and debugging custom Linux Operating Systems as part of the IBM Linux Technology Center. When she’s…

Ivana Atanasova

Ivana Atanasova is part of the VMware's Open Source Program Office. She's been contributing to OpenFaaS as a project member and recently became contributor to Network Service Mesh. She presents at conferences within the open source community.

Radoslav Dimitrov

An open source enthusiast working full-time as an Open Source Software Engineer at VMware. Lately, Radoslav has been working on an open source project called Network Service Mesh. It's an exciting new project that recently joined CNCF as one of the sandboxed projects. Before that, he was involved mostly with…

Soumyadeep (Deep)

Soumyadeep (Deep) has contributed to features/stabilization of the Greenplum analytics database engine covering numerous areas such as storage, catalog, query executor, distributed transaction manager and utilities. While working on Greenplum, and Greenplum being a fork of Postgres, he has had the unique opportunity to contribute to upstream Postgres. Upstream, he…

Chad Sakac

Vice President, VMware Tanzu

Chad Sakac is one of the leaders within VMware driving the Tanzu Modern Application efforts across the industry. Chad has been working on Kubernetes, Spring and Cloud Native applications for the last 3 years. Additionally, he leads business transformation efforts in this team as VMware Tanzu brings together additional assets…

Daniel Hiltgen

Daniel is a Senior Staff Engineer in the Security Business Unit at VMware. With over 20 years of industry experience in software development and technical leadership, Daniel has broad experience with cloud native container technology, virtualization, systems management, storage and networking.

Ian Coffey

Ian Coffey has been in the platform and infrastructure business for ~ 16 years and currently works on open source machine learning in VMwares Open Source Technology Office (OSTC). Away from work, Ian’s free time is usually spent adventuring with his wife and two daughters. He has an affinity for…