compliant containers

The Importance of Compliant Containers in Open Source


At last month’s KubeCon North America, Dirk Hohndel, VP and chief open source officer at VMware, sat down for an episode of TFiR’s “Let’s Talk” series for an insightful discussion on container compliance and how non-compliant containers pose a huge risk to the open source field. Dirk is no stranger to discussing the compliance and Read more...
large open source project

The Challenges of Maintaining a Large Open Source Project


Today, Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing open source projects next to the Linux kernel, with over 130 commits each week—and that’s just to the main repository. It was recently announced that the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted for Kubernetes to become CNCF’s first project to graduate: One can compare Kubernetes to the Read more...