unbreakable kernel

[The Legacy of] the Unbreakable Kernel


Dirk Hohndel, Chief Open Source Officer at VMware, sat down recently with Software Engineering Daily to talk through the history and evolution of open source. This podcast reflects on where it all started and presents an enthusiastic view of the possibilities. Code chunks categorized as best-practices predated even Linux, which is typically recognized as the start of the open source movement. The desire to create an unbreakable kernel by Linus Torvalds, in Read more...

How to Create Good Good-First-Issues


By Nisha Kumar A good-first-issue, as you probably know, is a GitHub issue or pull request that has been marked by its creator as appropriate for beginners. Typically, it’s also given a good first issue label, making it easier for newcomers to find, although some projects use terms like easy-fix, beginner-friendly, or low-hanging fruit.  However Read more...