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Make Your Voice Heard: Take the 2022 OSPO Survey Today

Open source continues to gain ground and earn esteem in the halls and repos of corporate IT. It’s an essential, and in many cases, irreplaceable part of an IT and application strategy. Without open source, many applications and the infrastructures companies rely on would be hollowed out and rendered non-functional. Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) and their leaders help companies shift their open source approach from ad hoc to strategic, identifying areas where investment is lacking, skills need improving and compliance strengthened.

Yet the role and presence of OSPOs or centers of excellence remain nascent in many companies. Existing OSPOs may be short staffed with a few very busy and distracted individuals steering the ship. Where is your company on its open source journey? Does your company have an OSPO? Do you wish it did? Or are you part of an OSPO?

Who wants to know? The Linux Foundation and the TODO Group, that’s who. Annually, the TODO Group, in collaboration with the Linux Foundation Research team, reaches out to the community at large to gather feedback on the development and impact of OSPOs. VMware is again helping out through sponsorship and outreach. This year’s survey is now available and we’re hoping you take 15 minutes out of your day to provide your insights.

The TODO Group’s survey aims to get a pulse on the:

  • Reach of open source programs and initiative adoption
  • Status of open source developer hiring
  • Perceived benefits and challenges of open source
  • Impact of open source on organizational strategy

This year, the survey includes additional questions about how OSPOs are run at various organizations. The hope is that the results will guide emerging OSPO leaders to spearhead successful programs. To encourage a broader respondent set, the survey is available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

The more people who respond, the better and more diverse the data set. And that means better insights and actions for the future. Do it for the community. Or, do it for the 25% discount on Linux Foundation training courses or certification exams and build some new skills. In just 15 minutes, your answers could set open source up for another year of excellence.

Why should you participate?

Gathering insights from open source contributors will allow the TODO Group to identify trends and emerging issues and spot community needs. The TODO Group uses these insights to develop programs and content for the coming year to help other OSPOs grow and mature, taking on new responsibilities. New guides, templates and training programs are also inspired by the survey findings.

Let’s do this!

So … why not click on the link right now and answer the survey? Your name and organization will not appear in the final results, so please be as honest as possible. Don’t forget: As a thank you, when you submit your answers, you’ll receive a 25% discount on any Linux Foundation training course or certification exam listed in the catalog.

Thank you for making our community a better place to connect, innovate and thrive.

Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter for more deep dives into the world of open source contributing.


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