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Purser Open Source

Purser: Visibility into Cloud Native Applications


Kubernetes clusters can be challenging to monitor. With applications decomposed into microservices and then deployed across many Kubernetes clusters –and pods within those clusters– it’s not a simple task to keep track of what’s happening, where. It’s this challenge that inspired Purser. About Purser A purser is the individual responsible for keeping track of all Read more...

Kubeadm Is Now GA and Stable


By Rostislav Georgiev The Kubernetes community is chock-full of good news this week—first and foremost, the release of Kubernetes 1.13 made a splash earlier this week thanks to some impressive improvements in stability. But wait, there’s more: kubeadm, a tool for the deployment, upgrading and management of Kubernetes clusters, has finally graduated from Beta to Read more...

Tern to Join Linux Foundation ACT Initiative


With the growing development and adoption of microservice architectures and container technologies, open source license compliance grows ever more complex and critical. While many new build tools simplify and enable rapid microservice development, often times the licenses that underpin those container apps are lost in the development process. It’s important for developers to be aware of Read more...