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How to Retain Open Source Contributors


By Nisha Kumar, open source engineer, VMware I recently wrote about my experience running a developer sprint at this year’s PyCon, the big annual Python conference. But another important side of conference going is the opportunity it affords for impromptu conversations with fellow developers. Specifically, I had an insightful discussion about how to effectively retain open Read more...

OpenFaaS Mid-Year Recap


Here’s some vital information you should know: You can package anything as a serverless function with OpenFaaS. The open source project, founded by VMware’s Alex Ellis, makes serverless functions simple for Docker and Kubernetes so that you can build a scalable, fault-tolerant, event-driven serverless platform for your applications. Now here’s some exciting breaking news: OpenFaaS Read more...

Reflections on Running a Development Sprint at PyCon


By Nisha Kumar, open source engineer, VMware I’m a longtime Python developer, but until this year I had never been to PyCon, the largest international conference for Python users. I went this year because I wanted to run a development sprint for Tern, the open source project that I maintain. PyCon’s development sprints are a Read more...
Open vSwitch

Looking Ahead as Open vSwitch Hits Its First Decade


Earlier this year, Open vSwitch received the 2018 Software Systems Award at the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) annual Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR) in Los Angeles. The award recognizes a software system that’s been instrumental to SDN research. As the co-originator of Open vSwitch, I was honored to receive the award with my colleague Read more...