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State of the Kubernetes Union: 2019


By Tim Pepper Around the turning of the calendar year, it’s common for us to pause a bit and do some introspection relative to where we’ve been and prognosticate on where we’re going.  Something you probably heard said increasingly in 2018 was that “Kubernetes is boring.” That statement is both part fact and part aspirational. Read more...
software development

Why Words Matter in Software Development


I’m a word person—the way some people hear music, that’s how I hear words. Some people can astutely peer through a thicket of software code to spot the one flaw, like a missing comma. Meanwhile, I can zero in on a misplaced modifier or swiftly invert a sentence to bring a muddled thought to light. Read more...
Network Service Mesh

Network Service Mesh Goes Public at KubeCon


By Nikolay Nikolaev I attended last December’s North America KubeCon where the Network Service Mesh project had its first big public outing, showing a proof of concept demos. Network Service Mesh addresses some of the network level inefficiencies that arise with modern virtualization infrastructures. In cloud native environments, networking runs by default at a relatively Read more...

Announcing Precaution – A New Open Source GitHub App That Automatically Scans Pull Requests for Security Vulnerabilities


By Eric Brown, Antoine Salon, Martin Vrachev Our team is announcing the initial public release of Precaution, an open source GitHub app for automatically scanning pull requests for security issues. With Precaution installed, all pull requests in your repo are automatically scanned by a security linter like Bandit (for Python) or GoSec (for Go) as Read more...
compliant containers

The Importance of Compliant Containers in Open Source


At last month’s KubeCon North America, Dirk Hohndel, VP and chief open source officer at VMware, sat down for an episode of TFiR’s “Let’s Talk” series for an insightful discussion on container compliance and how non-compliant containers pose a huge risk to the open source field. Dirk is no stranger to discussing the compliance and Read more...