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Kubernetes 1.12

Kubernetes 1.12 Release Lead Retrospective


I spent the period from July to September 2018 volunteering as the Kubernetes 1.12 release lead. As this stint comes to a close, I’m pausing to reflect on the experience. A first observation relates to an aspect of open source commonly understood today: open source projects move fast! The Kubernetes 1.12 release demonstrates that velocity. Read more...
Embedded Recipes

Attending Embedded Recipes and Kernel Recipes in Paris


At the end of September, I attended the double conference Embedded Recipes followed by Kernel Recipes. Embedded Recipes is, as the name suggests, focuses on Linux in the embedded space (things other than computers). Kernel Recipes, on the other hand, focuses on the technical aspects of the Linux kernel. These conferences are unique, as they Read more...

Reflections on CHAOSScon 2018


By Alexandre Courouble and John Hawley Previously, we’ve explored the challenge of measuring progress in open source projects and looked forward to the recent CHAOSScon meeting, held right before the North American Open Source Summit (OSS). CHAOSS, for those who may not know, is the Community Health Analytics Open Source Software project. August’s CHAOSScon marked Read more...