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Printk(), x86, Unikernals & ftrace: Here’s What You Missed at Open Source Summit Europe

Open Source Summit EuropeEarlier this year, LinuxCon, ContainerCon and CloudOpen all combined for one massive umbrella event: Open Source Summit. After a successful North America launch, Prague hosted over 4,000 open source experts and enthusiasts at Open Source Summit Europe last month. Community members and technologists gathered together for a marathon four days of collaboration, information sharing and learning.

Here’s what you missed at Open Source Summit Europe:

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Start Your Journey Toward Kubernetes Certification Today

The Rise of Containers & Kubernetes

Containers quickly rose in popularity, but what are they and how can they be optimized for your developers’ needs? Containers are lightweight, self-contained packages of executable software, but unless specifically instructed, they do not interact with each other. The leading system for managing, automating, scaling and deploying containers is the open source project Kubernetes. Originally developed by Google and then donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes is now the industry’s de-facto container management solution.
VMware & Linux Foundation Kubernetes

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Top 7 Things You Need to Read About Project Harbor

Project Harbor

Project Harbor is having a momentous year. The open source enterprise-class registry server for storing and distributing container images has risen the ranks to become one of VMware’s most popular and widely used open source projects. Between unveiling new security features to earning 3,000 stars on GitHub, 2017 was one for the books for Project Harbor.

Whether you’re learning about the open source project for the first time or want to catch up on the latest and greatest, here are the top seven things you need to read about Project Harbor from the past year.

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The Open vSwitch Fall 2017 Conference is Here

Open vSwitch

VMware is hosting the fourth annual Open vSwitch Fall Conference (OVSCon), the conference
for all things Open vSwitch and beyond. We have a new home this year at the Club Auto Sport venue located in San Jose, Calif. On November 16-17, you can expect 25 25-minute talks and six lightning talks lasting five minutes or less

This year’s OVSCon features two special guests:

  1. Guru Parulkar from the Open Networking Foundation will talk about the future of the software-defined data center (SDN) and open networking.
  2. Google’s Stephen Stuart will discuss how Google uses OpenFlow and the Faucet controller in enterprise SDN.

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Open Source Project Harbor: Efficient & Secure Container Image Management

One of VMware’s most popular open source projects is Project Harbor, an enterprise-class registry server with hundreds of users worldwide. At VMworld, Henry Zhang, chief architect of Project Harbor, delivered a vBrownBag presentation on efficient and secure container image management using Harbor.

Watch the full vBrownBag video below for a demo of Project Harbor, including how to replicate a container image and perform vulnerability scanning. Read on for some of the biggest takeaways from Henry’s presentation.

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7 Questions with Alan Renouf on Open Source, SDKs & Community at VMware

Alan RenoufWe sat down with Alan Renouf, VMware Senior Product Line Manager, to discuss his involvement in the evolving open source community at VMware. As part of the VMware vSphere and, more recently, VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) teams, Alan focuses on:

  • Application programmable interfaces (APIs)
  • Software development kits (SDKs)
  • Command line interfaces (CLIs)

Alan shares his perspective on the past, present and future of open source within VMware and VMware project

1. From your perspective, what is open source, and what are its benefits?

In open source, everyone contributes to make code better, because we all work on the same things trying to solve the same problems, but have different experiences. People come together to commit to projects that others are working on and to make software better as a whole, without money necessarily being the objective.

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Automating Benchmarks for Cloud Infrastructure with Open Source Project Weathervane

Open source Project Weathervane may not tell you the direction of the wind, but it is a clear indication of where the wind is blowing when it comes to open source technology. Mandy Botsko-Wilson, a consulting architect at VMware, delivered an insightful vBrownBag Tech Talk at VMworld 2017 entitled “Automating Benchmarks for Cloud Infrastructure with VMware Weathervane & vRealize Automation.”

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What It Means to Be a Good Open Source Citizen

By Tim Pepper

Our team recently discussed the word choice in our VMware Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) mission statement. Our goals are to:

  • Establish VMware as a good open source citizen.
  • Build VMware’s presence and influence in relevant projects through meaningful contributions and participation.
  • Develop and promote VMware standards for best practices in open source development and engagement with external communities.
  • Mentor internal teams to increase VMware’s open source competency and expertise.

good open source citizen

It’s easy to suppose that I, as an open source contributor, share some common, implicit understanding of what it means to be a “good citizen” with the rest of the open source community. Or, as a definition by negation, that I can think in shared terms of not doing some set of obviously bad behaviors. The reality is that these concepts can vary across cultures and contexts, and the meaning of the “good citizen” phrase has been debated for years and years.

What are some of the specific behaviors I strive for when I talk of good citizenship in open source?

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7 of the Best Open Source Quotes from VMworld 2017

Top VMworld open source Quotes from VMworld 2017VMworld 2017 was VMware’s biggest showing of open source at VMworld to date! Here is a collection of our top seven favorite quotes from VMworld’s open source sessions.

1. Open Source at VMware: A Key Ingredient to Our Success and Yours [LDT1844BU]

“Open source is a powerful methodology for innovation and the development of APIs.”

—Dirk Hohndel, VMware Chief Open Source Officer

[Related blog: Open Source at VMworld—From Keynotes to Hackathons]

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4 Vital Steps to Open Source Success in Your Company

Open source software is gaining serious traction throughout many industries. A 2016 survey conducted by Black Duck Software found virtually all companies rely on open source software in their product development. This indicates that open source is widely adopted and is becoming a strategic part of every company’s software portfolio. As we reap the benefits of open source software and make it an essential part of our development process, what does it take to achieve production-quality, well-supported open source software?

Here are four vital steps for achieving open source success in your company.

Open Source Success

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