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Spring Projects

An Introduction to Spring Projects


Spring is one of the projects we wrote about in “Boomerang Back: The Return of Pivotal Open Source Projects” and the family of Spring Projects are among the most notable to return to the VMware fold. Below, we’ll highlight two Spring Projects – Spring Boot and Spring Framework – but for weekly updates on Spring, Read more...

Boomerang Back: The Return of Pivotal Open Source Projects


The world of open source is vast, ever-changing and full of pleasant surprises. Where people, ideas, and community thrive, discovery and reunions can’t be avoided. At VMware, the recent addition of Pivotal triggered more than one reunion, and for many, the delight of discovery is just beginning. Pivotal was lead sponsor for many open source Read more...

Containing the Revolution: Container Orchestration Simplifies Software Development but Comes at a Cost


Container technology is widely viewed as revolutionizing the software industry. But as with any transformation from the status quo, the container revolution comes with both opportunity and risk. In fact, some of the most important benefits associated with containerization—speed, efficiency and lightweight design—are also responsible for creating new challenges when it comes to compliance and Read more...
bootiful podcast

John Hawley Talks Open Source on the “Bootiful Podcast”


John Hawley, VMware Open Source Program Office Engineer, speaks with Josh Long on the Bootiful Podcast. This episode covers a range of topics including home network security,, and Ansible. John gets introduced at minute 13:22, and the two immediately reminisce about the good ‘ole days before some of the technology that we currently take Read more...
open source is

Fill in the Blank: Open Source Is…


For just two words, open source certainly carries an expansive definition. Depending on the context and who you ask, open source is: 1. A type of software 2. A community of developers and engineers 3. A methodology And even within those narrow confines exist even more definitions. Clearly, a simple definition of open source appears Read more...