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What is VMware GSS’s View on vVols? It’s the Future!

VMware Global Support Services Talks vVols

One of the topics that come ups around vVols is supportability. How are vVols issues resolved when things go wrong, how are issues handled, and what-if situations? Instead of trying to go through the different scenarios, you should watch Brandon McFeron’s VMworld session, “GSS talks vVols.” Brandon is from GSS support escalations and deals with all sorts of storage escalation and has seen it all. Out of all the datastore types, he prefers vVols. In his session, he covers some of the reasons why.

One of the areas Brandon touches on is how, typically, vVols issues are easy to resolve versus other datastore types. He talks about dealing with LUNs, which as @vmken has said, “LUNs suck!” Brandon also covers some of the benefits of vVols, outages, and differences in resolving issues over other datastore types.

Head over to to watch Brandon’s VMworld session:

GSS Talks Virtual Volumes: It’s Time to Step into the Future (HBI1956BU).

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Jason Massae