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Better Together: Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and Virtual Volumes (vVols)

Recently there has been a lot of interest in VMware’s Virtual Volumes (vVols) technology as our shared-
storage customers begin to understand the value of deploying vSphere policy-based storage management.  As our customers have become more experienced with vVols, many have started to ask how they can
implement business continuance and disaster recovery solutions using vVols and Site Recovery Manager (SRM).

The feedback from our customers and storage partners is clear – the combination of SRM and vVols is critical and could provide virtual infrastructure administrators an efficient way to manage array-based replication with VMware’s Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) and easily orchestrate the recovery and migration of applications with SRM.

We have hence decided to pursue a broader development effort to combine these two technologies, i.e., SRM and vVols. As part of SRM roadmap, we are currently exploring how we can orchestrate recovery of vVols backed virtual machines with SRM.Some of our storage partners such as HP Enterprise 3PAR, HP Enterprise Nimble, and Pure Storage have developed and certified to the latest vVols 2.0 VASA providers specification. vVols 2.0 is part of the vSphere 6.5 release and supports array-based replication with vVol.  To support vVols replication operations on these storage arrays, VMware also developed a set of PowerCLI cmdlets so common BC/DR operations such as failover, test failover, and recovery workflows can be scripted as needed. The use of PowerCLI works well for many vVols customers, but we believe many more customers will be able to take advantage of SRM orchestrated BC/DR workflows with vVols.

VMware remains committed to Virtual Volumes development, and we believe with the addition of vVols support in SRM will bring even broader customer deployment of these great products.


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  1. Disclosure: Pure Storage Employee

    Vijay – thanks for publishing this post on SRM support of vSAN and VVol interoperability. Together we have lots of joint customers who are seeking to understand how they can unify the operations and enable interoperability between dissimilar hardware infrastructures. I love all of the joint engineering and solutions work our teams are delivering – keep it up!

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