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At Open Source Summit 2017, learn all about SCHED_DEADLINE from VMware open source expert Steven Rostedt.

When Likely is Likely to be Unlikely


The Linux kernel, like all quality operating systems, strives to be the most efficient as possible. This is because the kernel is master of the machine, and all applications can be bogged down if the kernel is taking too much time to perform a system task. That could be a latency in scheduling between tasks, Read more...
Learn more about Project Clarity, the VMware open source project.

Product-Based Open Source Development: Project Clarity


At the beginning of 2016, as the team behind Project Clarity started the initial work, our main goal was for Clarity to fill a gap within VMware. Clarity was to provide a layer of common visual language that will bring designers and engineers together as well as serve as a common layer of consistency across Read more...

Open Source Legal Implications, Licenses & Its Impact


When you join a tech company, you usually end up signing some sort of employment agreement contract. Of you read carefully (you MUST read this thoroughly), probably states all sorts of restrictions on what you can or cannot do/own and the rights of the hiring company to own your work. Whether it is during working Read more...
Here are the top open source at VMworld sessions to attend in Las Vegas and Barcelona in 2017,

Contributing Isn’t Just About the Code


By John Hawley, Open Source Hardware & Software Developer Over the years, I’ve grown to know a lot of different people in the open source world, they are all fighting the good fight for various reasons, in different places.  They all bring together unique skill sets, personalities, experiences and as a result we have the open source world Read more...

Improving Open Source Management at VMware


Open source is, by its nature, an organic, unpredictable, and opportunistic world. Which can make managing a wide reaching open source community at a large company like VMware especially challenging. GitHub forms the organizational foundation for many companies, both internally and externally. Many companies with their own GitHub organization eventually face a common problem: to Read more...