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VMware Open-Sources Code Stream Plugin for Kubernetes

By Arihant Jain and Mohit Rajendra, VMware R&D

VMware is happy to announce that the vRealize Code Stream plugin for Kubernetes is now available as an open source project!

In a short time, Kubernetes has become the leading container orchestration engine, and VMware R&D leverages it as the primary platform for its newer Cloud Services offerings. Since we have been using vRealize Code Stream as our standard Continuous Delivery solution for many internal and commercial applications, piloting Kubernetes with vRealize Code Stream was an obvious choice.

However, since organizations may be using Kubernetes in different ways than we do, we decided to open-source the plugin to make it more easily extensible to the broader community.

Specifically, the new Code Stream plugin for Kubernetes allows DevOps Engineers to more easily model pipeline templates that deploy applications and perform day-2 actions on Kubernetes deployments. Our team built this project using the vRealize Code Stream Plugin SDK, also available on GitHub and VMware {code}: The new plugin is available on GitHub, and supports Kubernetes 1.5 and above and vRealize Code Stream 2.2 and above.​

​Initial capabilities supported by the Kubernetes plugin include:​

  • Create/Delete Deployment
  • Create/Delete ReplicaSet
  • Create/Delete Replication Controller
  • Create/Delete Pod
  • Create/Delete Namespace
  • Create/Delete Service
  • Create/Delete Persistent Volume
  • Create/Delete Persistent Volume Claim
  • Create/Delete Secrets
  • Update of image versions in a deployment

We are excited about this new project and welcome your feedback and contributions!

For more news around our open source projects, stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter (@vmwopensource).


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