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The Rise of Containers & Kubernetes

Containers quickly rose in popularity, but what are they and how can they be optimized for your developers’ needs? Containers are lightweight, self-contained packages of executable software, but unless specifically instructed, they do not interact with each other. The leading system for managing, automating, scaling and deploying containers is the open source project Kubernetes. Originally developed by Google and then donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes is now the industry’s de-facto container management solution.
VMware & Linux Foundation Kubernetes

Start Learning Kubernetes Today

VMware collaborated with The Linux Foundation to offer a discount for their most popular Kubernetes offering. The Kubernetes Fundamentals course covers all the basics you need to understand and quickly get up to speed with the software.

Take this course to learn about Kubernetes’:

  • Origins
  • High-level architecture
  • APIs
  • Key primitives

With 16 self-paced online “chapters,” you will be able to complete this course at your convenience. Start building distributed containerized applications that scale, are fault-tolerant and are simple to manage. When you’re done, don’t forget to take the Kubernetes Certified Administrator Exam course to receive official Linux Foundation certification.

We are excited to extend this limited-time offer to our VMware Open Source Blog readers. Please follow the link below to receive your 25% off course voucher.

Redeem your Kubernetes Fundamentals Course Voucher

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