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Top 7 Things You Need to Read About Project Harbor

Project Harbor

Project Harbor is having a momentous year. The open source enterprise-class registry server for storing and distributing container images has risen the ranks to become one of VMware’s most popular and widely used open source projects. Between unveiling new security features to earning 3,000 stars on GitHub, 2017 was one for the books for Project Harbor.

Whether you’re learning about the open source project for the first time or want to catch up on the latest and greatest, here are the top seven things you need to read about Project Harbor from the past year.

1. The Inspiration Behind Open Source Project Harbor

Read the “behind the scenes” story of how Project Harbor was brought to life from the creator and chief architect of Harbor, Haining “Henry” Zhang. From the project’s inspiration to the genesis of the name “Harbor” to the incredible team behind it, this article offers the best insider’s look at Harbor.

2. Project Harbor Makes an Entry into Rancher

Massimo Re Ferrè, technical product manager for cloud-native applications at VMware went into 2017 with a challenge for himself: create a Rancher catalog entry for Project Harbor. Lo and behold, his pet project came to fruition!

Rancher officially included the Harbor entry in their community catalog earlier this year. Read this article for all the inside scoop about Harbor as a Rancher entry.

3. Harbor Private Registry: Image Vulnerability Scanning Demo

One of Project Harbor’s most notable new features this year is image vulnerability scanning, which allows users to scan through the container images stored in Harbor and report any vulnerabilities found in them. This article details the new feature and showcases a full demo of image vulnerability scanning in action.

4. Harbor – Secure Shelter for Your Dockers from VMware

Hacker Noon praises Project Harbor as a means of managing and deploying Docker images for its features, easy installation scripts and components all bundled into one convenient package.

5. Open Source Project Harbor: Efficient & Secure Container Image Management

Henry Zhang gave a vBrownBag presentation at VMworld on Project Harbor, illustrating how the open source project is adept at efficient and secure container image management. Learn how to use Harbor to replicate a container image, perform vulnerability scanning, distribute images and much more.

6. Store & Manage Containers in VMware VIC with Harbor & Admiral

TechTarget breaks down how VMware building Project Harbor and Admiral into vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) v6.5 is a crucial step in the company going toe-to-toe with Docker’s container strategy.

7. Containers, VMs & VMware – Harbor – The Enterprise-Grade Open Source Container Registry

When something is very relevant, vRelevant takes notice. In a series of posts, the vRelevant team presented Project Harbor for enabling enterprise container adoption as part of a larger DevOps initiative.

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