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Open source expert Tom Scanlan on why he believes that if IT automation is the future, open source is the path.

If IT Automation Is the Future, Open Source Is the Path


I’m lazy, and I write software. But you see, I actually view this as efficiency. Usually, this is not fancy, high-profile code. It is usually glue code—code intended to help me automate someone else’s code. I’ve been writing code for the past two decades, give or take a few years. Throughout my career, I’ve been an operations guy Read more...
vSphere Automation SDK for .Net now available in GitHub

vSphere Automation SDK for .Net Now Available in Github


Recently VMware has been focused on ensuring developers have what they need to work with their products by ensuring new, easy and open SDKs are produced and made available to the community of automation specialists, developers and DevOps teams. On March 9th 2017 we posted here announced the open sourcing of some of our key Software Development Read more...
OpenStack architect Mark Voelker shares his key takeaways from OpenStack Summit 2017 in Boston.

OpenStack Summit Takeaways


Another OpenStack Summit is in the books! Last week, I attended my 13th OpenStack Summit in Boston, Mass. Part of what makes OpenStack Summit such a great event is the mix of activities and people. While I saw a lot of familiar faces and spent a lot of time catching up with old friends, I Read more...
Expert Ben Pfaff shares his personal highlights from OpenStack Summit 2017, the biggest of which were the new Open Source Days.

OpenStack Summit Recap


I attended the OpenStack Summit, the fifth Summit for me, in Boston this week, May 8-11. For me, the highlight was Open Source Days, a new element for this summit. For Open Source Days, the OpenStack Foundation selected 11 open source projects related to OpenStack, Open vSwitch among them, and gave each of them a Read more...