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Open vSwitch

VMware is hosting the fourth annual Open vSwitch Fall Conference (OVSCon), the conference
for all things Open vSwitch and beyond. We have a new home this year at the Club Auto Sport venue located in San Jose, Calif. On November 16-17, you can expect 25 25-minute talks and six lightning talks lasting five minutes or less

This year’s OVSCon features two special guests:

  1. Guru Parulkar from the Open Networking Foundation will talk about the future of the software-defined data center (SDN) and open networking.
  2. Google’s Stephen Stuart will discuss how Google uses OpenFlow and the Faucet controller in enterprise SDN.

What’s New at OVSCon This Year?

In many ways, this year’s OVSCon represents the maturation of technologies that were introduced at last year’s event.

Hardware offload is one example. Last year’s event included a panel with representatives of three Open vSwitch vendors that use hardware offload to accelerate Open vSwitch. This year, hardware offload emerged as a theme of its own with six talks from five different companies on an array of relevant solutions.

Another featured maturing technology is connection tracking, the primitive that underlies firewall features in systems based on Open vSwitch. This year, connection tracking has a dedicated session comprised of four talks. One presentation will highlight how an end user uses connection tracking to enable their business.

This year’s Open vSwitch conference also includes sessions about DPDK support for maximum performance and the OVN network virtualization system being built as a sub-project of Open vSwitch.  You can look forward to these talks and many more at this year’s conference.

Learn More about OVSCon 2017

For the OVSCon 2017 agenda, visit the schedule.

Register for the conference via this registration link.

For general discussion, please use the OVS discuss mailing list at

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