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Your Public Cloud, Your Way — Stories of Saving Costs and Improving Service Delivery

Over the past year, public cloud adoption has risen dramatically as IT teams moved fast to support remote work. But that was far from the only reason. The public cloud can make it faster and easier to deploy, consume, and develop applications—making companies more agile and competitive. And it can make IT run more smoothly, from lowering CapEx via a managed services model to reducing time-consuming management tasks.  

But moving to the public cloud does have its challenges, and migration can seem like a daunting task. A study by 451 Research revealed that 85% of enterprises are experiencing IT skills shortages, and that many acute skills gaps are related specifically to cloud platforms.  

Despite these issues, many companies are still moving full-speed ahead. They have big goals to achieve, and aren’t going to let roadblocks stand in their way. Here’s what we’re hearing from customers about their decision to adopt public cloud—along with stories of four companies in different industries who have reaped big benefits. 

The public cloud is a great fit for high-priority use cases 

Migrating to the cloud is often the most straightforward, practical solution for specific initiatives: 

  • Data center consolidation. Moving to the cloud allows companies to shut down entire sites, slash hardware and facilities costs, and speed progress on modernization efforts.  
  • App-specific migration. Sometimes the fastest path to cloud is by migrating specific applications that need to be scaled regionally, or that need access to application services. 
  • Disaster recovery. Moving from data center to cloud allows you to take a modern, flexible, cost-effective approach to disaster recovery—improving preparedness and making it easier to pass DR audits. 
  • Secure remote access. Migrating apps to the cloud gives you the ability to use new virtual desktop infrastructure models that deliver secure remote access to end users from any device–without diminishing application performance. 
  • On-demand capacity. When apps are in the cloud, it’s far easier to scale up rapidly as your business needs change—making it easier to support spikes in demand, expansion into new markets, post M&A integration, and more. 
  • Cloud-native/modern app development. The cloud provides a common platform for both VMs and containers, which allows organizations to meet the needs of both developers and IT Ops—removing barriers that delay time to market. 

Four enterprises. Four unique reasons for migrating to public cloud. 

Sterling National Bank: Support future growth and enhance customer service 

A federally chartered, FDIC-insured financial institution, Sterling National Bank is determined to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve. It migrated its entire data center infrastructure, including 350 applications, to VMware Cloud on AWS—and now runs more than 95% of its business in the cloud. As a result, it now has a scalable, efficient operating environment to serve a growing customer base and keep evolving. 

IHS Markit: Transform IT to remove bottlenecks and serve customers faster 

A global provider of data and analytics solutions with over 50,000 customers, UK-based IHS Markit wanted to accelerate service delivery to support its growth. It migrated hundreds of apps to VMware Cloud on AWS in just six weeks—without refactoring—and instituted a consistent framework for automating and provisioning across clouds. The result? A fundamental shift in how they run IT, with no disruption the business. 

Caveonix: Make it easier for customers to keep up with compliance standards 

Virginia-based Caveonix provides a digital risk management platform that helps customers adhere to standards such as PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA. It partnered with VMware and IBM Cloud to accelerate migration and simplify compliance monitoring. Today, its customers benefit from end-to-end workload visibility that makes it easier to detect and resolve security threats and keep up with changing regulations.  

OSRAM Continental: Support remote employees with a digital workspace 

Based in Germany, OSRAM Continental develops innovative automotive lighting for modern mobility concepts. To help distributed employees stay connected and agile, it virtualized critical applications and migrated them to the public cloud. The process was quick and painless—allowing them to provide secure access to corporate data from any device, anywhere. Their new digital workspace is safe and easy to use, and provides flexible, on-demand scaling to support greater productivity and employee satisfaction.   

And now you know: Long, complex migrations aren’t inevitable 

With over 15 million total app workloads in the cloud and a unique multi-cloud strategy, VMware Cloud delivers the capabilities you need to migrate quickly so you can start experiencing benefits faster. We’ve seen some common benefits for our users: 

  • 82% increase in software to production through optimized DevSecOps 
  • 59% lower TCO from savings on infrastructure and operations

But wait, there’s more… 

When you choose VMware Cloud, you don’t just get a standalone solution; you also get to leverage our expertise, broad partner ecosystem, and other industry-leading products that help you deliver tangible business value.  

More choice. Get the freedom to make the choices that align best with your goals. You can migrate and run applications on over 4,000 clouds across 128+ countries, and choose from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and more—whatever works best for you. 

Faster migration. Migrate to the public cloud in half the time—without disrupting the business. And with cloud innovations like integrated Kubernetes and access to native cloud services, modernizing your existing apps is faster, too. 

Greater control. Improve resource planning and mitigate risks with application-level intelligence. Want to use third-party cloud-native solutions for holistic transparency, management, and security? No problem. 

Overall simplicity. Refactoring applications shouldn’t be complicated and costly. Plus, migration is simpler with familiar tools that don’t require specialized skillsets. 

Migrating to public cloud makes sense for all kinds of reasons. What’s yours? 

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