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The Cloud Architect Experience at VMworld 2021: What to Know

Defining the architecture of your cloud environment is becoming increasingly complex, with business needs extending beyond a single provider’s native services, and beyond your own data center or private cloud. Now, as teams seek out the best native services for their applications from multiple cloud providers, and others need compute and data processing at the edge, the question of how you meet those needs with a manageable, secure architecture is less clear.

VMware today is focused on this exact challenge. With VMware Cloud, we enable a unified architecture across your data center, edge, and every public cloud. With consistency in your infrastructure and management, you have the freedom to choose the best services for your applications, from any cloud.

At VMworld 2021, our annual event, you can learn about this unique approach to cloud architecture in-depth through breakout sessions, demos, and labs. We’ve assembled a curated agenda for cloud architects like yourself to help guide your learning path.

Registration for the event is free – register here if you haven’t already.

This curated agenda is broken into three sections:

  1. Breakout sessions – hear from experts on strategy, vision, and deep dives into our technology.
  2. Demos – watch and learn how you can accomplish specific use cases.
  3. Hands-on Labs – hop into the driver’s seat and traverse guided tours of VMware technology yourself.

Jump into any session and add it to your schedule or favorites list to build out your own agenda!

Breakout Sessions for Cloud Architects

Design Principles: Cloud Architecture Design and Operations [MCL2151]

Cloud design and operations are key differentiators for successful companies. Building such architectures can’t be an arbitrary process. In this session, you’ll hear about the design principles and large-scale architectural decision-making processes that will help you build more secure, reliable, high-performing clouds while remaining cost efficient.

Deliver the Same Infrastructure to a Multi-Cloud Deployment [MCL1268]

Learn how VMware vRealize Automation Cloud integrates with Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and their differences and considerations for running VMware deployments.

How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For Running Apps In the Multi-Cloud Era [MCL2500]

The next era of virtualization is upon us. In this session, check out a discussion with VMware thought leaders on some of the leading-edge vSphere innovations. Don’t miss this sneak peek on what’s on the horizon for AI/ML, Kubernetes, Project Monterey (DPU acceleration) and software defined memory across DRAM, PMEM, and NVMe

Why Hitting Refresh With HCI Should Be Your Modernization Strategy [MCL2508]

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is one of the fastest growing infrastructure solutions and is the architecture that underpins the hybrid cloud. In this session, you will learn why industry leaders choose vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation when they “hit refresh” on their infrastructure modernization journey.

Why AI – Our Vision and Strategy for Managing Tomorrow’s Clouds [MCL2455]

The demand for app and service modernization continues to accelerate, forcing IT to evolve or risk accumulating technical debt. Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, VMware vRealize AI Cloud is up for the task. Join this session to explore the strategy behind vRealize AI Cloud and how deep learning is powering our next-generation cloud management portfolio.

App Modernization Deep Dive with VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Tanzu [MCL2290]

Application modernization is top of mind for all enterprises that want to deliver value to their customers quickly. In this session, you’ll see how VMware Tanzu and VMware Cloud on AWS can help you discover, analyze, and map dependencies, convert to containers and ultimately deploy a modernized application on an API-driven infrastructure, while still realizing the TCO benefits that come with VMware Cloud on AWS.

A Guide to Application Migration Nirvana [MCL1264]

Have you experienced application migration paralysis? We have. Join this session to learn how VMware vRealize Network Insight uses application discovery and migration planning to understand your applications before migrating them, and then uses an integration into VMware HCX to seamlessly start migrating.

Supercharge VMware Cloud on AWS Workloads with Native AWS Services [APP2839S]

Learn how existing customers are using AWS services and products—such as Amazon S3, Application Load Balancer, Amazon VPC endpoints/AWS PrivateLink, Amazon RDS, Amazon FSx, and more—to boost VMware Cloud on AWS workloads. Explore how this integration fits into an organization’s overall application security architecture.

Understand the True Value of Running a VMware SDDC on Azure [MCL1645]

Azure VMware Solution makes it possible for IT to implement and deploy a native VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) environment on Microsoft Azure. In this session, you’ll hear about how customers are seeing the benefits of this service and are building a long-term business cloud strategy on top of it to provide predictability and consistent performance; lower costs; and increase availability, manageability, portability and reliability across private and public cloud data centers.

Google Cloud VMware Engine in Action: Migrate and Operate [MCL1764]

In this session, you’ll see how easy it is to migrate your first workload to the cloud with just a few clicks. Through demos, we will define what you need to start, then cover how you can quickly migrate to and operationalize your environment within the cloud. See how Google Cloud VMware accomplishes this, all without re-architecting applications.

Demo Selections for Cloud Architects

Modernize Apps with Kubernetes in VMware Cloud on AWS [2977]

In this demo, explore how VMware Cloud on AWS can help customers transform their applications by leveraging modern frameworks such as Kubernetes, enriching them with AWS native cloud services, and automating the underlying infrastructure operations with DevOps tooling.

Empower Edge AI by vSphere Bitfusion [3100]

As a key part of edge computing, edge AI can power edge computing in the need to run a variety of machine learning with predictive and prescriptive models that require a more powerful compute environment with specific CPU, memory, storage requirements, and various of types AI accelerators specific to edge systems.

Implementing Disaster Recovery as a Service [3160]

Learn how to create and implement a cloud-based disaster recovery strategy that enables full recovery of all your mission-critical workloads and meets your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements.

Hands-On Lab Selections for Cloud Architects

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid [OD-HOL-2233-71-MAP]

This session gives an introduction to Kubernetes, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extensions including Fluent Bit, Harbor, Octant and Avi. It introduces the concept of TKG Management & Workload clusters, shows how to scale the workload cluster up and down and how to work with TKG extensions & integration. You will also see how to deploy a scalable, containerized application in a production TKG cluster.

Getting Started with vRealize Automation [OD-HOL-2201-02-CMP]

Use VMware vRealize Automation to govern, build, manage and share the release of your application infrastructure rapidly and reliably. Create and manage Cloud Templates in Cloud Assembly and then add more automation and integration including public cloud capabilities. Publish Cloud Templates and other capabilities developed in Cloud Assembly to your customers using Service Broker. Through Code Stream you will expose a new set of tools to enable integration of infrastructure with an application development pipeline.

VMware HCX – Getting Started with Cross-Cloud Mobility [OD-HOL-2281-01-HBD]

VMware HCX provides a seamless method for extending on-premises vSphere environments into a public cloud. This lab walks through how to establish the state of hybridity and configure live migration and bulk migration of VMs.

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