Infinidat is now vVols certified .
Virtual Volumes (vVols)

Welcome Infinidat – Our Newest vVols Partner

We are excited to welcome Infinidat as our newest partner in the growing vVols ecosystem.

Infinidat and vVols

Momentum for Virtual Volumes (vVols) is surging as customers see the value in managing VM or container storage resources from vCenter.  It’s really that simple.  Applications are changing rapidly, and infrastructure has to keep up. What vVols uniquely offers is a way for customers to keep pace with application change and apply a common methodology across both traditional storage and HCI.

Today we are delighted to announce that Infinidat, a growing player in very large capacity storage, is vVols certified.  Most Infinidat customers run petabyte-scale, mission-critical workloads on their InfiniBox systems to simplify storage and VI-admin daily operations. While Infinidat has integration with other VMware products including, vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation, Site Recovery Manager, CNS, and Tanzu, the vVols integration stands out as a competitive differentiator to other storage providers and is poised to drive customer interest in 2021. See more information here.

Infinidat has set the vVols bar high with initial support for over 64k vVol objects! Remember, each host can support up to 64k vVols. Hence in large-scale environments, it is now possible with Infinidat to manage hundreds of thousands of vVols across multiple hosts. This tremendous scale makes Infinidat attractive for some of VMware’s largest customers.

Most customers prefer to free up storage administration and focus on applications. With vVols, it’s finally possible to stop managing LUNs and datastores. This is especially important for large capacity environments typical for Infinidat customers. With vVols, Infinidat VM storage capacity, IOPs, and even quality of service (QoS) are set per VM and can be easily applied across many VMs, using a vCenter feature called Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM). Changing storage capabilities is accomplished merely by changing the SPBM policy, which a supporting storage array applies without impacting application availability. 

Infinidat is showing how to use vVols to manage your petabyte-scale virtual environment via a programmatic process. 

Learn more about Infinidat’s vVols integration with their announcement blog: VMware and Infinidat: Even Better with vVols

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