Business-critical applications (BCAs) play a vital role in every organization, and it’s up to IT to make sure that they perform well and secure valuable information. Microsoft SQL 2008 has played a major role in facilitating data growth—but support for it is about to end. By July 9, 2019, IT teams will no longer have the option to run Microsoft SQL 2008, and they’ll need to make a decision while taking into account data growth, performance needs, and budgets.

As you consider your SQL Server upgrade, look into your infrastructure as a whole to support your business today, tomorrow, and beyond.


Upgrade your infrastructure without downgrading performance

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a modern solution that consolidates compute, management, and storage onto standard x86 servers. This enables a building-block approach to the hybrid cloud. IT teams can use what they already have to create a flexible, high-performing, software-defined data center.

Hyperconverged infrastructure is ideal for powering all business-critical applications, including Microsoft SQL Server. It is a long-term, scalable solution that puts you in a strong position for whatever technological and customer shifts lie ahead. From higher performance and lower costs, to relieving the burden of manual tasks on your IT team, it just makes sense.

As the industry-leading HCI solution, VMware vSAN™ is natively integrated with VMware vSphere®, the market-leading hypervisor. Combined, they provide a cohesive, seamless platform for the applications that drive your business.

We've created an eBook discussing The Top 5 Benefits of Deploying Microsoft SQL Server on Hyperconverged Infrastructureso you can get a look at the benefits of HCI, and how vSAN can help you with your next SQL Server deployment.


By deploying SQL Server on VMware vSAN, you’ll benefit from:

  1. Simplified management for Day 1 and Day 2 operations
  2. Accelerated scaling
  3. Reduced capital expenses
  4. Lower operational expenses
  5. Increased business agility


Hyperconverged infrastructure for your next SQL Server upgrade

As support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 ends, it’s time to implement a solution that allows you to navigate the shifting digital landscape with ease. Without dramatically raising costs or overworking your IT team, HCI powered by VMware vSAN allows you to create an infrastructure foundation that will support your business for years to come.


Download the eBook The Top 5 Benefits of Deploying Microsoft SQL Server on Hyperconverged Infrastructure