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With SAP SAPPHIRE around the corner, it’s time to start planning for SAP HANA on HCI

It’s been a while since we last talked about SAP HANA on vSAN here and here. With SAP SAPPHIRE 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to do a quick status update.

The message we want to share is quite simple and exciting: the time has come to start planning for running SAP HANA on HCI powered by vSAN.

SAP Introduced HCI Certification for HANA

Earlier this year, recognizing the fast adoption and growth of HCI in the marketplace, SAP created an HCI certification program for HANA. The program outlines a process and the necessary requirements to validate the hypervisor, the HCI platform, and HCI solutions based on the HCI platform. Collaborating with SAP, we have been running certification tests to validate vSAN and vSphere as the platform for SAP HANA.

We are testing the new Intel Skylake processor, in both 2-socket and 4-socket configurations. The latest and greatest vSAN 6.7 version is used, with NVMe devices at the cache tier and SAS SSD drives at the capacity tier. Solid progress has been made to date towards meeting scalability, performance, and consistency requirements and KPIs defined in the certification program, using SAP tools including the SAP HANA Hardware Configuration Check Tool (HWCCT), SAP HANA Hardware and Cloud Measurement Tool (HCMT), SAP BW/4HANA, etc.

SAP HANA and HCI Core to Our Customers’ Businesses

Why is it so important for VMware to get our HCI platform and the OEM solutions certified, you might ask? Because SAP HANA is at the digital core of our customers’ businesses.

The performance and speed of SAP HANA is one of the primary reasons that customers adopt and deploy it.  We all know that there is some small amount of overhead that gets introduced via the hypervisor, but we also want to ensure that by adding vSAN, we do not impact the performance of HANA significantly. Our joint SAP/VMware customers have come to expect rich capabilities and the highest levels of performance from their infrastructure. These certifications ensure that we meet or exceed those standards and enable our customers to use their familiar SAP Customer Support for any issues that they might have.

We are also partnering with our broad ecosystem to bring the value of HCI to HANA by certifying their vSAN powered systems as HCI solutions for HANA. For example, we are closely working with Dell EMC in their effort of certifying VxRail as a solution. More vSAN OEM partners are joining the effort.

Preparing for SAP HANA on vSAN

While vSAN can be deployed in non-production HANA environments today, VMware’s customer base has been eagerly waiting for the official support of running HANA on vSAN in production. vSphere being the most mature and proven hypervisor, and vSAN being the leading HCI platform, we are working closely with SAP to make sure we have a solution that is mutually supported.

We look forward to helping customers deploy HANA at scale and in production on various HCI solutions powered by vSAN, like the VxRail HCI appliance, in the near future. Start refining your vSAN skills today by exploring our free, online vSAN Hands-on Labs.

It’s not too soon to start planning for SAP HANA on vSAN!


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  1. It is really smart move on VMware HCI that will leverage high-growth SAP-friended enterprise core. No doubt all efforts will be paid shortly. As one of closed partner of VMware in China & Hong Kong, we appreciated it and definitely will dive into it.

  2. Where is the Skylake support? This generation of CPU has been shipping for over 12 months now. Is there a good reason for the delay we should be informed about?

  3. We are almost there, the HCI certification program is new and very rigorous so we have to work with SAP diligently to ensure performance, scalability, and consistency requirements are met for the entire HCI stack, including both vSphere and vSAN. SAP and VMware are lining up official certification announcement at it’s next big customer event, very soon, that’s all I can say right now. 🙂

  4. Is there an update on Skylake HCI certification? Could you by now supply a date by which you expect this to be available?

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