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Intel Purley Platform Day 0 Readiness for vSAN

Intel Purley is launched today and you can read about it in Intel website here.

With that, we also include new “vSAN ReadyNode Generation” in our vSAN VCG listing. If you go to vSAN VCG, you will find a new entry “Gen3 – Xeon Scalable” in addition to the previous generation. If you need to deploy vSAN on Purley, select this ReadyNode platform.

Below is the box where you select it in vSAN VCG:

                                                            vSAN VCG Purley Platform Selection

vSAN ReadyLabs have been working closely with different OEM partners and as Intel announced the Purley platform, we are ready with many choices to be deployed with this announcement. Customers can buy this platform right now if they are willing to explore Purley today.

You can find the Day 0 listing here by selecting “Gen3 – Xeon Scalable” from vSAN ReadyNode Generation.

Here is a snippet of OEM partner’s platform ready on Day 0 for vSAN deployment.

Purley Day 0 Server Platform Available for vSAN Deployment


Purley provides a powerful platform for next-generation hardware platform with more CPU core, faster CPU, more memory and lower power consumption. vSAN VCG listed with 30 unique ReadyNode across vSphere 6.0U3 and vSAN 6.6 on Day 0 itself. We will have many new ReadyNode planned for upcoming months on this platform. Stay tuned and watch vSAN VCG ReadyNode for new Purley ReadyNode.

For any questions on vSAN hardware, please reach out to vSAN Hardware PM vsan-hcl@vmware.com.

To learn more about vSAN, visit VMware vSAN

Visit vSAN VCG here.


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