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New! Virtual SAN 6.0 All-Flash RA:14 Million TPM and 3 Million NOPMs

VSAN-LENOVO-SANDISK-LOGOThis new reference architecture is focused on Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) workloads on Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 All-Flash storage architecture. The reference architecture was developed by SanDisk and Lenovo with the goal of delivering a design and configuration the is ready to meet both application and storage demands with the ability to satisfy and comply all service level agreements.

The Virtual SAN 6.0 All-Flash architecture was designed to deliver more than just performance and extremely high number of IOPS, on top of that it delivers sub-millisecond latencies. Those are key attributes that are necessary to deliver high performance with consistency to business-critical applications successfully. These are some of the reason as to why Virtual SAN 6.0 in All-Flash shines so bright!.

Thes hyper-converged solution in the new reference architecture is composed of SanDisk and Lenovo hardware components and Virtual SAN 6.0 All-Flash (The Best Software-Defined Storage Platform Ever Created) in a design that delivers an impressive 3 million orders per minute (NOPMs) on a 4 node cluster.

The performance of this solution was evaluated using, the HammerDB performance tuning and benchmarking tool was used to run a 5000 Warehouse TPC-C like workload on a 4-node configuration with SQL Server Database. This system delivered 14.1 million transactions per minute (TPM) and 3.08 million New Orders per Minute (NOPMs) using 8 VMs executing Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition.

That is some raw and unfiltered performance if you asked me. Boom!!! I’m pumped!! Woohoo!!!! COME GET SOME. Below are some of the brief details of that red Ferrari (why the Ferrari reference? because every time I see those numbers that’s what comes to mind) 😀


In this solution, Virtual SAN 6.0 All-Flash architecture was used with SanDisk‘s high-performance, high-endurance Optimus Ascend SSD is used for caching and SanDisk’s 4TB Optimus MAX – the industry’s highest capacity SSD that is certified for Virtual SAN 6 – is used for storage capacity.

From a server platform Lenovo’s powerful 2U two-socket System x3650 M5 servers with SanDisk SSDs were used. With this solution, organizations can now deploy an all-flash storage solution at a much lower cost than a traditional all-flash storage array. The consistent high performance of this all-flash Virtual SAN design is a compelling choice for running business-critical applications and databases at a lower cost basis compared to a traditional all-flash storage array.

If you are attending VMworld in San Francisco next week and are interesting in learning more about this as well as other reference architecture developed by SanDisk and other partners, please attend the session VAPP5737-SPO – Best Practices and Reference Architectures for Software Defined Storage using Flash. I will be participating as a guest speaker on the panel with Patric Chang from SanDisk along with other partners. Also consider some of the other driven SanDisk around Virtual SAN All-Flash, Business Critical Applications, VMware Horizon View and NSX.

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For more detailed information about SandDisk and Virtual SAN related reference architectures visit SanDisks IT Blog.

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