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The Humble Checklist: My Path to High Quality Code Review


By Matt Hippely In my last post, I reviewed the “fork and pull” method of open source contribution that has become the gold standard for those looking to build an iterative, standardized and secure open source project that is simultaneously inviting to new contributors. This time, I want to look examine what typically comes after a Read more...

Tern 0.4.0 Introduces Support for SPDX, Enabling Container Compliance Documentation


By Nisha Kumar As the maintainer of the Tern container inspection tool, I’m happy to report that we recently released Tern 0.4.0. Although this isn’t a general availability (GA) release, it is significant because it supports SPDX documents. SPDX is a standard language for communicating license information for a build artifact. You can find a detailed specification for SPDX at It’s Read more...

Singleton – Revolutionizing Software Globalization


By Jessiely Juachon After decades of progress and advancement in international communication, the world is more connected than ever. But how much has the rise of modern technology helped us deliver products to customers in their language? Software globalization (G11n) is the process of delivering software applications in multiple languages. It consists of two parts: Read more...