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5 Steps for Effective Salary Negotiation


By Malini Bhandaru At a recent Women Who Code Event in Sofia, Bulgaria, I shared my experiences as a woman in tech and offered a few tips for navigating salary negotiations and other compensation conversations. Though my advice is applicable to employees in any industry with varying levels of experience, it’s no accident that my Read more...

Introducing Clair: A Powerful Tool for Container Security


By Martin Vrachev  I want to let you know about Clair, an open source tool that lets you scan containers and Docker images for potential security problems. It was developed initially at Coreos and is now around three years old with more than 80 contributors in total. I’ve been contributing to it recently and have Read more...

The Top 10 Open Source Halloween Costumes


You say you love open source, but how much do you really love it? Would you, for example, dress head-to-toe in an open source-inspired Halloween costume? If your answer is yes, we have great news. You see, we also love open source, and during a few team discussions, an interesting debate emerged. What are the Read more...