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What Kind of Open Source Project Should You Join First?


By Nikolay Nikolaev When you are new to open source, there are two broad categories of projects that you can join. There are mature projects that tend to be large scale, well organized and have their basic development roadmaps already established. Then there are younger, scrappier efforts that can be more chaotic and liable to Read more...
Travis CI

Continuous Test-Driven Development Is Easier Than You Think


By Eric Brown People sometimes have the impression that continuous, upstream test-driven development is hard—and that can make them feel better about not doing it. But I want to make the case that it’s a lot easier than you think. First, it’s worth pointing out that testing really is important. Say I write some code Read more...
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How to Be an Effective Open Source Contributor


By Ivana Yovcheva I’ve been working in open source for a while now, but I still remember what it’s like to start out. Joining even the most interesting sounding open source project can seem intimidating at first. You’ll likely see a ton of code you aren’t familiar with, perhaps written in languages you don’t yet Read more...
KubeCon EU

Take a Deep Dive with VMware at KubeCon EU 2019


KubeCon EU 2019 is set to be the conference’s biggest and boldest year yet. As the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference, KubeCon gathers technologists, developers and contributors from leading open source and cloud native communities all over the world. This year, more than 10,000 attendees are expected to congregate in Barcelona, Spain from May 20-23 Read more...