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Rev Your Engines: Detroit, Here We Come for KubeCon 2022

Known as the hub of modern automotive innovation, Detroit will transform into the hub of cloud native technology and Kubernetes innovation this October 24-28. KubeCon — the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference — is scheduled to be a jam-packed few days, with VMware-led sessions about automation, the software supply chain and … a raccoon and herd of turtles?

Check out just a few of these can’t-miss sessions spearheaded by VMware experts.

Beyond Automation: Kubernetes Success Requires a GitOps Mindset

Wed., Oct. 26 | 9:40 – 9:45 AM ET 

Once treated with skepticism and unease, developers are lucky that automation is now a widely trusted asset. In her keynote, VMware Tanzu Senior Director of Engineering Shatarupa Nandi will discuss how automation simplifies the developer experience. Additionally, Shatarupa advocates for why automation and GitOps should be at the center of any Kubernetes platform, as it enables high-quality, secure and repeatable software.

A Raccoon and a Group of Turtles Secure Clusters Together!

Wed., Oct. 26 | 11:55 AM – 12:30 PM ET

… Throw in a welcoming goose, and you’ve got a gaggle of unlikely pals. VMware engineer Naadir Jeewa and his former VMware colleague Pushkar Joglekar liken this animal kingdom trio to the union of Kubernetes SIG Cluster Lifestyle, SIG Security and TAG Security and their resulting creation: the Kubernetes sub-project, Cluster API. In this session, Naadir and Pushkar will talk about how three different groups within the CNCF community joined forces and developed a collaborative model, despite geographic, time zone and limited maintainer time hurdles.

What a RUSH! Let’s Deploy Straight to Production!

Thurs., Oct. 27 | 9:15 – 9:30 AM ET

A productive and happy application team translates to happy end users. VMware’s Whitney Lee and Mauricio Salatino will share platform engineering best practices. Additionally, they’ll demo the tools that’ll empower your organization’s app team to deploy an excellent platform on top of Kubernetes and enjoy the process too.

A New Way to Roll: Supply Chain Choreography for Enterprise-grade Kubernetes

Thurs., Oct. 27 | 2:30 – 3:05 PM ET 

The blazing speed of business shouldn’t cause teams to rush and compromise the reliability or security of the software supply chain. VMware Staff Solution Engineer Kirti Apte and Advisory Solution Architect Steve Watkins will present best practices to help you define, build and manage a secure software supply chain. No matter the tools or programming language you use, Kirti and Steve will leave you with supply chain choreography tips so you can define a delivery system with IaC while upholding the highest DevSecOps standards.

So, SBOMs Matter … Now What?

Fri., Oct. 28 | 11:55 AM – 12:30 PM ET

Everyone knows that a software bill of materials (SBOM) is critical to supply chain security, but questions remain about how to employ an SBOM in Kubernetes. Ponder no more! VMware technical staff members Sophie Wigmore and Frankie Gallina-Jones will share best practices and explain how to build open source solutions with SBOMs. These two experts will also demo Syft and the already-embedded SBOMs within Paketo Buildpacks-generated application images.

An energetic year of in-person conferences continues!

Are you as energized by this year’s schedule of in-person conferences as we are? We can’t wait to see what the community will teach us at this year’s KubeCon. Developers, IT decision makers and anyone else interested in learning more about cloud native technology will walk away from KubeCon with actionable advice and new skills that could help them lower infrastructure costs and speed up software development at their organization.

Make sure to check out the entire KubeCon event schedule for even more VMware-led sessions, and we look forward to seeing you in Detroit!

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