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Dirk Hohndel on what to expect from an open source project.

Project, Process, and Product(ion)


By Dirk Hohndel, VP, Chief Open Source Officer at VMware This is a familiar topic; I’m reasonably certain I have talked about this for about twenty years in one form or another. I’m sure we all have, at some point, heard that catchy line “I use open source for this because it’s free” – which Read more...

What to Expect from an Open Source Project


Wherever you go, companies talk about open source. Sometimes it seems it is everywhere. Everyone is doing it. Microsoft is a Platinum Member of the Linux Foundation! So, open source has won and we all should just rely on upstream to give us the custom-built products that we need and otherwise go home, right? Well, Read more...
At Open Source Summit 2017, learn all about SCHED_DEADLINE from VMware open source expert Steven Rostedt.

When Likely is Likely to be Unlikely


The Linux kernel, like all quality operating systems, strives to be the most efficient as possible. This is because the kernel is master of the machine, and all applications can be bogged down if the kernel is taking too much time to perform a system task. That could be a latency in scheduling between tasks, Read more...
Learn more about Project Clarity, the VMware open source project.

Product-Based Open Source Development: Project Clarity


At the beginning of 2016, as the team behind Project Clarity started the initial work, our main goal was for Clarity to fill a gap within VMware. Clarity was to provide a layer of common visual language that will bring designers and engineers together as well as serve as a common layer of consistency across Read more...