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Interested in learning more about VMware open source at VMworld? VMworld 2017, the biggest IT event of the year, is quickly approaching in Las Vegas and Barcelona and will offer you plenty of opportunities to hear about open source. From new open source projects like Clarity, to open source compliance and its impact on IT, you will have plenty to choose from.

Here’s a brief look at some of the many sessions to help you learn more about open source at VMworld.

VMware & Open Source: Compliance, Quality & Viability

Companies innovate at a rapid pace and deliver features to market faster than ever. The collaboration of ideas and code, open source software is crucial to keeping pace and accelerating innovation.

VMware encourages and embraces the responsible use of open source throughout the organization. What is “responsible” use? Dirk Hohndel, chief open source officer; Meng Chow, staff open source program manager; and Norman Scroggins, senior open source program manager, will discuss how VMware evaluates the open source components used in products, how VMware deals with security and compliance and the challenges of maintaining stability while staying close enough to upstream.

Find out more about VMware’s Open Source Program Office and integrative approach towards open source compliance, quality, and viability.

  • VMworld U.S. Session Code: FUT1226BU
  • VMworld Europe Session Code: FUT1226BE

Open Source at VMware: A Key Ingredient to Our Success & Yours

Open source components are part of practically every software product or service today. VMware products are no exception. And increasingly, IT departments are presented with many application roll-out requests, including large, open source components as part of the infrastructure on which they rely.

From OpenStack and Docker to Kubernetes and beyond, open source is a reality of the enterprise environment. VMware invests in open source both as a user of many components (and contributor to many of those projects) and as a creator of many successful open source projects such as Open vSwitch, Harbor, Clarity and many more.

In this session, Dirk Hohndel will talk about the what, the why, and the how behind VMware’s engagement in open source—the vision and strategy and why all this is critically important for customers.

  • VMworld U.S. Session Code: LDT1844BU
  • VMworld Europe Session Code: LDT1844BE

Simplifying Your Open Source Cloud with VMware

Open source or VMware? Clearly, you can’t have both, right? Wrong.

As open source, cloud-based solutions continue to evolve, IT leaders are challenged with the adoption and implementation of large-scale deployments, such as OpenStack and network function virtualization, from both a business and technical perspective.

Dirk Hohndel and Edward Blackwell, principal systems engineer, will discuss how VMware’s solutions can simplify existing open source innovation. Learn how doing so, you can achieve new levels of operations, standardization (app compatibility) and delivery of enterprise support.

  • VMworld U.S. Session Code: FUT3076BU
  • VMworld Europe Session Code: FUT3076BE

VMware Open Source SDKs: From Getting Started to Web App in One Hour

In this session, Alan Renouf, senior product line manager, and Steve Trefethen, SDK manager, will give you a brief introduction to VMware vSphere software development kits (SDKs), the history of when VMware first introduced programmatic interfaces and recent enhancements made in this space.

You will learn how to start with nothing, gain access to the vSphere automation SDKs, prototype simple API calls and, finally, work with the SDKs and other free tools to produce your own simple web-based application. Alan and Steve will also show you how to further this project by using another VMware open source project, Clarity, all in one hour!

This session is a must for vSphere admins, developers and DevOps teams looking to integrate with vSphere and further their education on the vSphere APIs, SDKs, and CLIs.

  • VMworld U.S. Session Code: SER1912BU
  • VMworld Europe Session Code: SER1912BE

Do any of these sessions spike your interest? The content catalog is now live for both VMworld U.S. and Europe. Open the VMworld U.S. Catalog or the VMworld Europe Catalog and enter the session code to learn more.

Peruse the catalog for a comprehensive list of breakout sessions, hands-on labs, group discussions and more. Mark your favorites now, and stay tuned for the release of the VMworld Schedule Builder.


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