Meet the Team: VMware Open Source Technology Center

The fastest way to innovation is through collaboration. The VMware Open Source Technology Center team is an integral part of fostering that collaboration within VMware and the broader tech community. From the inside out and back again, we are excited to introduce you to our team of open source experts—all of whom pack a wealth of experience and a passion for collaboration and contribution.

Darren Hart, Director, Open Source Architect

Learn about the talented experts on the VMware Open Source Technology Center team.Darren has worked “in and around the Linux kernel” throughout his career, andhe is the Linux kernel maintainer for x86 platform drivers. At VMware, Darren continues his open source contributions to the Linux kernel and other projects, while also working with internal teams on open source development methodologies and best practices. Darren is an expert speaker at conferences across the globe on topics ranging from PREEMPT_RT to Embedded Linux and Functional Safety.

Before joining the VMware team, Darren served as the MinnowBoard program architect at Intel and led IBM’s Real-Time Linux development team. He also worked on embedded Linux-build systems, where he contributed to board support packages, kernel configuration management, driver development and the ACPI specification.

Follow Darren on Twitter @dvhart_ and on Google+ +DarrenHart.

John Hawley, Open Source Developer

John joined VMware from The Linux Foundation. He has been involved in the open source space for a long time, his work hits above the kernel and below the user space. John works in what he describes as an odd realm where the inner workings of things, the base infrastructure for things, exists. He spends most of his day tracking down bugs and fixing them, and most of what he touches is infrastructure related. Currently, John focuses a lot of his bug hunting energy into Ktest.

John ran for many years, which serves as a central hub for kernel development. Now, when he’s not tracking down bugs to fix, he’s working on open hardware and IoT projects.

Follow John on Twitter @warty9.

Nisha Kumar, Open Source Engineer

Nisha is the newest addition to the VMware Open Source Technology Center, currently focusing on tools for Docker container users. Before joining the VMware team, Nisha worked at Jaguar Land Rover, focusing on Qt/QML programming for car infotainment, continuous integration and delivery automation, platform integration, system architecture. Other assignments included writing code in C++, Java and Python.

In a previous life, she worked on Intel’s Android project, where she learned everything she knows about open source.

Follow Nisha at

Steven Rostedt, Open Source Developer

Before joining VMware, Steven worked at RedHat for 10 years on the Real-Time Linux kernel. Since 2004, Steven worked on slowly turning the Linux kernel into a real-time operating system. Now he dabbles in other areas, such as working on the user interface, maintaining patches and continuous development for Ftrace, the official tracer of the Linux kernel. People use his code to trace what is happening within the Linux kernel when their applications are running.

Outside of his 9 to 5, Steven is actively involved in the open source community. Currently, Steven serves on the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) for The Linux Foundation, which is the face of the Linux kernel for the foundation. From working for the Linux Kernel Summit program committee to speaking at a variety of conferences and panels—Open Source Summit Japan, OpenIoT & ELC Europe and more—Steven takes his collaborative spirit beyond software contributions.

Follow Steven on Twitter @srostedt.

Leading the Open Source Charge

Building technology from which others can benefit and build upon is immensely important to our team and the industry as a whole. In short, we want to be good open source citizens, and we are thrilled to have open source experts like Dirk Hohndel and the VMware Open Source Technology Center team leading the charge.

Stay tuned to the VMware Open Source Blog and @vmwopensource for more people and project features to come.

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