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Project Harbor is a popular open source enterprise-class registry server that stores and distributes Docker images. Kubernetes Helm is a widely used tool for managing Kubernetes charts, i.e. packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources. In response to user demand, the Harbor team has been working over the past year to extend Harbor’s ease of use by developing Helm Chart for Harbor which installs Harbor in a Kubernetes cluster with a single command.

We’re happy to announce that the Harbor Helm Chart 1.4.0 beta is now ready for use with the latest version of Harbor (Harbor 1.4.0). This version lets users quickly deploy a Harbor 1.4.0 Docker registry in a Kubernetes cluster, and will be compatible with the forthcoming Harbor 1.5.0 release as well. You can find the Helm chart for Harbor in the Harbor GitHub repo.

Today, the chart supports only Clair; Notary support is on the roadmap. We also plan to add it to the official Helm chart repo.

After my VMware colleague Henry Zhang introduced the prototype of Helm Chart for Harbor in February 2017, we received valuable feedback and bug reports from the Harbor open source community.

I want to recognize Harbor community member Paul Czarkowski of Pivotal, in particular, for his work on writing a formal pull request for what became Helm Chart for Harbor 1.3.0. We jointly merged that pull request into the Harbor GitHub repo, then enhanced it to support the latest Harbor 1.4.0 release.

Recently, Luca Innocenti Mirri from the Harbor community also tested the chart and reported an important bug that impacted the Harbor jobservice component. We have already fixed the bug and verified it with Luca.

Please feel free to join Paul, Luca and other Harbor contributors in improving Helm Chart for Harbor. Try out the new version and let us know how we can improve it further. We always welcome contributions from the community to continue making Harbor even better.

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Jesse Hu works for VMware as a senior software engineer on open source Project Harbor, Helm Chart for Harbor and Harbor Tile for Pivotal Ops Manager. He has nearly 10 years of working experience related to cloud computing, big data, resource orchestration service, PaaS, etc., and is involved in several open source projects like Project Serengeti, Chef and Ruby. Learn more on his Linkedin.


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