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Top VMworld open source Quotes from VMworld 2017

7 of the Best Open Source Quotes from VMworld 2017


VMworld 2017 was VMware’s biggest showing of open source at VMworld to date! Here is a collection of our top seven favorite quotes from VMworld’s open source sessions. 1. Open Source at VMware: A Key Ingredient to Our Success and Yours [LDT1844BU] “Open source is a powerful methodology for innovation and the development of APIs.” —Dirk Read more...
Open Source Success

4 Vital Steps to Open Source Success in Your Company


Open source software is gaining serious traction throughout many industries. A 2016 survey conducted by Black Duck Software found virtually all companies rely on open source software in their product development. This indicates that open source is widely adopted and is becoming a strategic part of every company’s software portfolio. As we reap the benefits Read more...

Watch On-Demand: Tiejun Chen Talks “Unikernels and Explorations” at Open Source Summit North America


Earlier this month, The Linux Foundation hosted Open Source Summit North America in Los Angeles. The technical conference hosted more than 2,000 technologists and open source community members who collaborated and shared insights across a wide variety of topics. Tiejun Chen, an open source expert and VMware China staff engineer, tackled unikernels in his presentation, Read more...
What is open source software made of? Expert and softwarwe maintainer Darren Hart shares his maintainer perspective.

What Is Software Made Of? An Open Source Maintainer’s Perspective


What is software made of? What are the components? Ask software engineers of various disciplines and language expertise, and you’ll likely receive a fairly predictable set of responses: Software is comprised of source files, a build system and, if you’re lucky, documentation. Digging a little deeper, one might ask: What are source files comprised of? Source files are made up of classes, methods, functions, variables, Read more...
Justin Pettit at presenting on Open vSwitch and OVN Projects at LinuxCon China earlier this year.

Growing a Community for a New Open Source Project


Written with Justin Pettit, senior staff engineer, VMware Networking & Security Business Unit (NSBU) R&D. We traveled to Beijing this summer to present two talks at LinuxCon China June 19–20. Our first talk, “The Open vSwitch and OVN Projects,” was a technical talk about the work that we do on Open vSwitch (OVS), which is Read more...