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Google Cloud VMware Engine

Read How VMware and Google Accelerate Cloud Transformations with Google Cloud VMware Engine

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Google Cloud and VMware strategic partnership with the addition of the Google Cloud VMware Engine cloud offering within the VMware Cloud Universal program. VMware Cloud Universal is VMware’s leading program to help companies accelerate multi-cloud goals. By bringing Google Cloud VMware Engine, which combines the best of VMware compute, storage, network virtualization, and management technologies with Google Cloud’s next-gen infrastructure and networking, into VMware Cloud Universal, customers gain financial flexibility, choice, and speed to move to Google Cloud and modernize their applications according to their timeline. Read the press release.

You’ll be able to purchase the Google Cloud VMware Engine offering as part of VMware Cloud Universal from VMware and VMware partners, enabling your organization on its journey to Google Cloud to flexibly purchase or leverage unused VMware Cloud Universal credits and consume at your own pace. This addition will provide these benefits:

(1) Delivering enhanced financial flexibility

With Google Cloud VMware Engine, customers on average save 38% in TCO savings over 3 years compared to on-premises environments and save significant time in migrating VMware workloads to Google Cloud (source: VMware Cloud Economics team and Google Cloud studies, 2022). With the inclusion in the VMware Cloud Universal program, the service:

  • Delivers financial flexibility by allowing the redemption of VMware Cloud Universal Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) credits toward any eligible product or service, including Google Cloud VMware Engine
  • Enables qualified participants to take advantage of potentially significant, one-time savings through the VMware Cloud Acceleration Benefit™, which is offered exclusively through VMware Cloud Universal

(2) Broadening platform choice

Customers benefit from the freedom of choice to build, deploy, manage, and protect multi-cloud environments and the flexibility to accelerate their digital transformation journey. With Google Cloud VMware Engine as part of VMware Cloud Universal, customers will have an additional platform choice for their VMware workloads and can rapidly migrate them to the cloud and modernize with Google Cloud services at their own pace.

Salvatore Cassara, CIO at SGB-SMIT Group summarizes the need for choice and multi-cloud support in stating, “A multi-cloud environment is key to our success as a fast-growing company with multiple, geographically spread locations around the world. It gives us a commercial advantage and the flexibility to move workloads between cloud providers. VMware helps bring our different clouds together. This makes our data available for the parts of the business that need it, when they need it.”

(3) Accelerating cloud adoption

Google Cloud VMware Engine offers the speed and flexibility to seamlessly migrate, extend, and modernize VMware-based applications within Google Cloud without changing applications, tools, or processes. Customers benefit from on-demand capacity, agility, cost savings, and innovative cloud services while maintaining operational consistency and leveraging existing tools and investments.

“Migrating VMware environment was the best option for LIXIL to start leveraging Google Cloud Platform with speed. Thanks to Google Cloud VMware Engine and VMware HCX, we could accomplish it without downtime and with a minimal impact to the business,” stated Osamu Iwasaki, SVP, Leader of System Development & Operations at LIXIL. With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, IT teams can quickly derive business value and focus on their cloud transformation.

Customers are leveraging Google Cloud VMware Engine today for a variety of use cases such as cloud migration, data center extension, virtual desktops, disaster recovery, and app modernization. You can check out these customer case studies to learn more about how customers across different industries and geographies are using Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Why Google Cloud VMware Engine? Key capabilities include:

  • Enterprise-ready: Rich set of enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure capabilities for business-critical workloads with security, availability, resource optimization, manageability, and support built into the core service
  • Accelerated Migration: Provision an entire VMware SDDC in under an hour available across 13 global regions and easily move to Google Cloud without needing to make changes to applications, tools, or processes
  • Improved Operations: Leverage familiar VMware tools and processes for consistent operations and reduce the burden of lifecycle management of the IT infrastructure
  • Cloud Integrated: Easily access Google Cloud native network services with no additional overhead or complexity to gain private access to rich Google Cloud Services with unified experience for billing, identity, and access management
  • Cloud Optimized: Dedicated enterprise grade infrastructure for high availability, redundancy, and reliability to run demanding enterprise workloads
  • Ecosystem Flexibility: Support for a wide ecosystem of Google, VMware, and 3rd party tools and integrations including VMware solutions for virtual desktops, disaster recovery, cloud management, and network traffic management
  • Lower TCO: Save time and money compared to other alternatives because of unique resource optimization options, integrated enterprise capabilities, and capitalizing on existing investments in skills, tools, and processes
  • Secure & Compliant: Highly rated cloud security with industry certifications to help customers meet stringent compliance needs
  • Fast Payback: Read the blog about how 78% of VM migrations realize payback in one year or less – an IDC infobrief

Google Cloud VMware Engine will appear directly in VMware Cloud Console, which enables a consistent multi-cloud experience for customers and is the primary management interface for services purchased through VMware Cloud Universal. The VMware Cloud Console delivers subscription management and onboarding of Google Cloud VMware Engine and other VMware Cloud services. The console also includes a rich set of APIs, SDK, and CLI automation tools, exposed through common endpoints for infrastructure management.

Google Cloud VMware Engine as part of VMware Cloud Universal enables financial flexibility, choice, and speed to move to Google Cloud and modernize your applications according to your timeline. Whether you’re looking to migrate select applications or entire data centers, add or co-locate virtual desktops in the cloud, extend capacity for seasonal demands or temporary needs, provide disaster recovery protection, or modernize applications, Google Cloud VMware Engine can help you accelerate your cloud transformation.

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