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How to Achieve Multi-Cloud Success Without Compromise

Multi-cloud is here to stay. In fact, 73% of enterprises are using two or more public clouds today.1 The reality? Most organizations struggle to transform to this model and face many obstacles before they can fully reap its benefits.

Multi-cloud for the win

Why the move to multi-cloud? Successful multi-cloud organizations report a 35% revenue increase from faster modern app delivery; 41% fewer hours and costs spent on IT infrastructure; and 35% productivity savings across a distributed workforce. 2 To put these benefits into perspective, multi-cloud architectures help organizations transform customer experiences, scale product and service innovation, and empower great employee digital experiences from anywhere.

With opportunities come challenges

However, nearly one in four executives1 have concerns about using multiple clouds, including:

  • Security, data or privacy issues
  • Inconsistent infrastructure in APIs, databases, networks and security
  • The need for specialized skills to support public clouds
  • Managing/optimizing spend
  • Increased complexity from policies that manage individual environments

While multi-cloud architectures are complex today, they will only become more so in the future. When addressing this growing complexity, many organizations find themselves making decisions that result in trade-offs among developer autonomy, spend, security, and employee access to apps. This compromise means you may never get full value from your multi-cloud investments.

Say goodbye to trade-offs

At VMware, we believe every business should experience freedom AND control of their multi-cloud infrastructure. You should be able to experience all the benefits of multi-cloud, including:

  • Developer autonomy AND DevSecOps efficiency
  • Enterprise apps on any cloud AND full control of every environment
  • Anywhere access for employees AND world-class security

Build, run, manage, and secure all your apps across clouds with VMware Cross-Cloud services.

Unlock the power of VMware Cross-Cloud™ Services

That’s why VMware created Cross-Cloud services—an integrated portfolio of SaaS solutions to build, deploy, run, manage, connect and secure applications in a multi-cloud environment. We help you innovate across clouds with five core capabilities:

  1. App platform for building and deploying cloud native apps
  2. Cloud infrastructure for delivering and running enterprise apps
  3. Cloud management for monitoring and managing app performance and cost across clouds
  4. Security and networking that span multiple clouds to connect and secure all apps
  5. Anywhere Workspace and edge solutions to empower workforces and deploy and manage edge-native apps

Accelerate your digital business

Today, enterprises of all types and sizes are scaling innovation across their multi-cloud environments to transform experiences for their customers, developers, and employees. Learn more about conquering cloud complexity and getting the most out of your multi-cloud environment with VMware Cross-Cloud services.

1 | VMware FY22 H2 Benchmark: Digital Momentum, August 2021
2 | VMware July 2021 Digital Momentum Study: N=201 Technology Decision Makers using 2+ Public Clouds citing benefits from recent digital initiatives