Announcing vSAN+

As of July 12th, 2022, vSAN+ is generally available.

VMware announces vSAN+, our new, premier hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offering which extends vSAN’s capabilities to now deliver cloud-connected services, which help IT administrators to centralize management and enhance efficiency of their vSAN environment. vSAN+ builds on the benefits customers receive from vSphere+ and is an output of Project Arctic.

The Challenge: Bringing the Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure to On-Premises Workloads

While public clouds have attracted many workloads, enterprises are choosing to keep many of their workloads on-premises or in private clouds for three key reasons:

  • Economics: The cost of cloud computing, and managing infrastructure sprawl, is an ongoing challenge. In addition, many businesses want to get the most out of their existing investments in on-premises infrastructure
  • Physics: As most data is stored on-premises, the applications and infrastructure that rely on that data need to be close due to latency, throughput, and performance requirements
  • Laws and Regulations: Due to various legal and compliance reasons, many companies want to keep their applications and data on infrastructure they manage

Yet, customers want to bring more of the benefits of cloud to their data centers, including centralized management, reduced operational burden, developer-ready infrastructure and simple, flexible payment models. With vSAN+, customers can take the next step by connecting their core data center and edge deployments to the cloud. Let’s take a deeper look how this will benefit vSAN+ customers.

Enhanced Productivity with Admin Services

vSAN+ connects all vCenter instances (at the customer’s discretion) to VMware Cloud for centralized management. A vCenter cloud gateway virtual appliance is installed on-premises and connects with vCenter to collect the minimal data needed for display within the VMware Cloud Console. Through this console, customers will see their entire HCI estate and can centrally monitor events, alerts, resource capacity, and identify unaddressed security deficiencies. Customers can also update vCenter instances with minimal impact, and in just a few minutes, reducing the operational effort and maintenance window required. Services that accelerate administrator tasks include:

  • Global Inventory Service: provide a visual inventory of HCI resources across multiple vCenters
  • Event View Service: Quickly triage areas that need attention across the entire HCI estate
  • Lifecycle Management Service: Update vCenter instances with minimal impact. Reduced maintenance window makes it easier to schedule updates sooner, allowing more rapid access to new features. If there is a problem, you can easily roll back the update. Address security vulnerabilities quickly.
  • Provision a VM Service: Quickly create VMs within any managed cluster to an existing vSAN datastore

Transform On-Premises Infrastructure with Cloud Integration

In addition to the admin services available via the Cloud Console, vSAN+ customers will have access to a rapidly expanding library of cloud services to benefit their on-premises environments. When vSAN+ is generally available, customers will be able to easily protect and recover mission-critical applications, leveraging native integration with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, on-demand ransomware recovery and disaster recovery as-a-service. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is an add-on service to vSAN+.

Finally, vSAN+ is purchased as a subscription, which can help organizations shift from a CAPEX to OPEX consumption model and reduce large, up-front purchases. VMware will have a subscription upgrade program in place to make the move to subscription frictionless. vSAN+ customers must also subscribe to vSphere+.

Next Steps: Learn More about vSphere+ and vSAN+

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