Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series Deploys HCI Clusters 75% Faster Than Previous Release

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series Deploys HCI Clusters 75% Faster Than Previous Release

VMware vSAN has the industry’s largest hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) ecosystem, and we continue to innovate with our ecosystem partners to support our customers. We’re excited about the latest enhancement to Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series hyperconverged solution powered by VMware vSAN. The enhancement in the latest release greatly simplifies the deployment and management of Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series and enables faster HCI cluster deployment for organizations of all sizes to respond faster to evolving business demands.

What We Hear From You

In the past year, many of you have been telling us that you are increasingly required to swiftly adapt to dynamic workload needs. Delivering agile infrastructure that improves operations, reduces costs, and speeds time to market has never been more important. Lenovo has partnered with VMware to accelerate lifecycle management through integration with VMware tools, vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vCLM), and VMware vCenter, making deployment, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance easier and faster than ever for the ThinkAgile VX Series appliance.

How Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series Can Help

Certified for VMware vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation, Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series is a single, easy-to-manage hyperconverged solution that allows you to focus on business rather than IT infrastructure. Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series is built on Lenovo ThinkSystem platforms with software pre-installed and firmware pre-configured with professional services to get your infrastructure up and running quickly. The ThinkAgile VX Series is integrated with vLCM for unified firmware and software updates. In addition, it comes with ThinkAgile Advantage support, providing a single source of L1/L2 support for both hardware and software, which may lead to faster recovery. Finally, the Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series powers a wide range of HCI use cases with its flexibility to scale up or out and broad hardware options.

The latest improvement in Lenovo ThinkAgile provides even greater agility and simplicity with enhancements in both initial deployment and Day 2 management:

  • Faster Deployment – You can now use a wizard-based deployment tool to accelerate the creation of a greenfield HCI environment or new HCI clusters in existing environments. With the recent introduction of desired image seeding in vLCM, you can easily reference a host, extract the image from the host, and seamlessly apply it to other hosts in the cluster. As a result, you can deploy 4-node VX clusters with a VMware vCenter instance 75% faster than the previous release, saving up to 12 hours per cluster*.
  • Improved Monitoring and Troubleshooting – Day 2 monitoring and troubleshooting has become easier with enhanced hardware-vSAN visualization and reporting in vCenter via Lenovo xClarity Integrator, such as improved graphical mapping of vSAN and hardware components, easy-to-follow health alerts, and more coordinated reporting of hardware status. Ongoing management is additionally streamlined with operational intelligence to proactively monitor and optimize cluster health and performance from VMware vRealize Operations.
  • Simplified Lifecycle Management – Full integration with vLCM has made lifecycle management simpler and less prone to errors. Historically, keeping infrastructure up to date has been a highly manual and time-consuming task for many IT admins. Oftentimes, you need separate, purpose-built tools to update each tier of your infrastructure. Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series integration with vLCM addresses this challenge by allowing you to upgrade VMware software and firmware with a single tool. In addition, vLCM introduces a declarative model that applies a desired image across the cluster, constantly monitor for node, and enables IT admins to remediate any drift with a few clicks. This leads to more predictable outcomes and more resilient infrastructure.

Next Steps

*Based on Lenovo internal testing.