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Business Continuity

Future Ready with VMware Cloud Foundation


With businesses worldwide facing unusual circumstances, IT decision-makers have been tasked with leading the migration from the office to remote locations at a moment’s notice. This is no easy undertaking, but those who can adapt – and have the business continuity foundation to support them – will emerge stronger. In our #FlexibleFuture series, look closely Read more...
VDI VMware

Enable Business Continuity with VMware Cloud Foundation and VDI


Our #FlexibleFuture series is dedicated to preparing businesses for the unknown road ahead. In the first blog in the series, we discuss how automation enables future-forward businesses to face challenges and remain operationally efficient. In this blog, we’ll discuss how VMware Cloud Foundation with Horizon 7 empowers business continuity by providing security, configuration, and application distribution Read more...

#VMwareVCFChat: vRealize and VMware Cloud Foundation Chat Recap


For the first time in tweet chat history, on Thursday, July 23, the VMware Cloud Foundation team welcomed the vRealize CMBU team over to Twitter to discuss how vRealize and VMware Cloud Foundation work together! We asked all our 101 questions to our impressive guestlist of subject matter experts that included Josh Townsend, Rick Walsworth, Read more...
cloud foundation business operations

VMware Cloud Foundation Empowers Reliable Business Operations


The unusual circumstances of today have pushed many organizations to reconsider their business operations strategy as a whole, to refocus on ensuring operational resiliency and continuity in the face of massive disruption. This extraordinary time forces businesses around the world to take stock of their IT investments and cloud platform strategy in particular. However, organizations Read more...