VMware Cloud on AWS

Terraform VMC provider update with SDDC Grouping

With the recent release of VMC terraform provider 1.12, we have now the SDDC Grouping function that will allow us to create SDDC group and attach SDDC.

Code example

Just add the sddc_group resource. Give it a name and description and a list of SDDCs you want to attach. Here only one.

Add some outputs you want to get like:

terraform apply

Note the various parameters we will get after deployment. Enter YES.

It will take about 4 to 5 mins to create the vTGW and attach the SDDC to it.

VMC Console

SDDC Group Tab inventory

TF_Group details

Terraform show

Note the Group ID, SDDC ID, ORG ID and vTGW ID and Region parameters

Removing SDDC

Clear or comment the SDDC Group code and outputs

After 4 – 5 mins the SDDC Group is deleted

If you would like to learn more about step by step guidance on Terraform Deployment in VMware Cloud on AWS, check out this blog series.

And as always, any feedback or comments are welcome!