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Unified Full Lifecycle API Management with Yappes on VMware Marketplace

As enterprises across industries adopt microservices-based architecture, developers and DevOps teams need a secure, reliable, and scalable platform to manage their APIs. Learn how Yappes, an enterprise API platform available on VMware Marketplace, can serve as the one-stop shop for all API management needs. 

Modernizing IT infrastructure with cloud-native applications is becoming a top priority for enterprises across the globe, in order to meet their ever-evolving business requirements. Moving away from a legacy monolithic architecture into an architecture based on small, self-contained microservices is a critical yet complex part of the modernization journey. In fact, the microservices architecture is what makes cloud-native applications truly modern in every sense. 

Microservices-based applications typically consist of dozens, or even hundreds, of autonomous individual systems deployed across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, communicating with each other via APIs. Running, managing, connecting, and securing such microservices-based cloud-native applications is easier said than done. Platform teams can easily find themselves overwhelmed trying to mitigate the additional security risks posed by the microservices-based architecture. Activities like monitoring each of the microservices, and dealing with their many different communication protocols, may also prove to be challenging, if not done the right way. 

Yappes makes API management easy for VMware Tanzu users 

For developers and DevOps managers looking at efficient ways of microservices management, there is a need for an API management platform like Yappes to keep things simplified and streamlined. Yappes, available on VMware Marketplace, is a robust, secure, reliable, and scalable platform that enables systematic maintenance of microservices. The service offers great benefits for customers of VMware Tanzu. For example, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid users can utilize the processes and tools of Yappes to manage the end-to-end requirements of an API lifecycle in any cloud-native environment – private, hybrid, or multi-cloud. Moreover, Tanzu Application Platform users can use Yappes as a secure platform rapidly develop, test, and publish APIs. 

Together, Yappes and VMware Tanzu can aid joint customers across several key use cases such as: 

  • API Security: mTLS and HTTPS support, multiple authentication mechanisms, role-based access control, and audit trail 
  • API Distribution: Self-service subscriber portal with API marketplace, API documentation, tryouts, and the ability to subscribe to existing plans and monitor utilization in real-time. 
  • API Monetization: Built-in, integrated API monetization based on flexible subscription plans, custom plans through the Deal Room feature, automated billing, and invoice generation with an integrated payment gateway 
  • Microservices orchestration: Built-in functions enable flexible orchestration of microservices 
  • Analytics and Monitoring: Real-time, automated actions in response to specified thresholds and patterns; analytics dashboard for historical data 

With Yappes and VMware Tanzu, enterprise development and DevOps teams can seamlessly build, maintain, monitor, and scale a robust enterprise-wide API ecosystem, thus achieving higher developer productivity and faster time to market, ultimately accelerating their business’ modernization journey. 

Yappes is now available on VMware Marketplace 

VMware Marketplace is the one-stop-shop for VMware-validated and certified ecosystem solutions that enables customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy directly to VMware endpoints. Yappes is validated on VMware Tanzu and has obtained the Partner Ready for VMware Tanzu badge. To learn more about or to deploy Yappes for Tanzu today, visit the solution page on VMware Marketplace.