VMware HCX

Announcing VMware HCX 4.3.9 for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud (US)

VMware HCX 4.3.9 is a special release which introduces VMware HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US). VMware HCX obtained FedRAMP High authorization in July 2022, enabling HCX-powered migration of workloads and accelerated consumption of SDDCs deployed in GovCloud regions.

VMware HCX for GovCloud offering will benefit US government agencies and organizations who require highly secure and Fedramp compliant SDDC environments for datacenter management and similarly require compliant workload mobility services across their secure data centers.

VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US) is a secure platform for government agencies to run highly sensitive government workloads. This complies with the stringent controls of FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) High and DISA IL5 and it utilizes FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic modules. VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US) also uses a separate mechanism for authentication, which is isolated from the commercial regions. The VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud is available in US-West and US-East regions today.

VMware HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US) is running on an infrastructure that is constantly monitored for compliance and security.  One of the notable changes implemented in both offerings of VMware HCX is the implementation of Photon OS 3 for system hardening. Extensive testing was conducted for vulnerability checks and compliance was obtained to adhere with DoD SRG (Department of Defense – Security Requirements Guide) with STIG (Secure Technical Implementation Guide). VMware HCX for GovCloud deployments must remain isolated from commercial HCX installations. There is no interoperability between the two products. VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US) customers must upgrade or patch only those HCX versions that support VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US).

Overall, the key business goal for workload migrations remains same as before – users who are already acquainted with VMware HCX can expect a familiar experience. The features and capabilities delivered in this GovCloud release of VMware HCX are equivalent with the commercial features in VMware HCX Minor release 4.3.

Note: In this initial release, WAN Optimization and OS Assisted Migration services are not included. Please stay tuned for enhancements in the future.