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Partner Solutions for VMware Greenplum and VMware Tanzu Application Service Now on VMware Marketplace

Effective May 1st, 2022, solutions from partners and VMware Tanzu that were previously on VMware Tanzu Greenplum Partner Marketplace and Tanzu Solutions Hub are now available exclusively on VMware Marketplace.

With this migration, the VMware Marketplace serves as the unified location for curated solutions compatible with VMware Greenplum (formerly known as Tanzu Greenplum) and Tanzu Application Service, adding to the catalog of compatible solutions for other Tanzu offerings such as Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Observability by Wavefront. By consolidating all Tanzu-compatible third-party products under the Marketplace, we make it easy for customers to locate ecosystem solutions and thus enhance their Tanzu deployments. VMware Greenplum-compatible and TAS-compatible offerings on the VMware Marketplace include those in areas such as Backup & Data Protection, Business Intelligence & Visualization, Cloud Services, Database Administration Tools, and more.

Moving forward, the older links for Tanzu Greenplum Partner Marketplace and Tanzu Solutions Hub will now redirect to VMware Marketplace.

Browse these solutions by filtering through Greenplum solutions or TAS solutions in the Product Compatibility filter on VMware Marketplace.

We’ve highlighted a few here:

VMware Greenplum-compatible solutions:

Tanzu Application Service-compatible solutions: