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VMware Cross-Cloud services are now available on the Azure Marketplace

Neeti Gupta, Senior Director, Microsoft Alliances, VMware

Paul Maher, General Manager (Partner), Commercial Marketplace Services, Microsoft Corp.

The way our customers do business is changing. The move to digital is having a profound impact on both their buying behaviors as well as their expectations around time to value for the technology they acquire. The era of months’ long procurement cycles, and “overbuying” software or services that may sit around unused are falling to the wayside.

Microsoft and VMware are collaborating to help ensure that our mutual customers can build their digital businesses in Azure with the utmost speed and ability. Together we are bringing new levels of technology capabilities and financial flexibility to hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. Now, we’re taking the next step in this growing relationship.

Starting today, VMware Cross-Cloud services are available through the Azure Marketplace, an online catalog containing thousands of applications and services designed and optimized to run on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud – please check out the listings and read the full news release.

Customers can take advantage of the ease of use that Azure Marketplace private offers provide — while also using their existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC) and additional benefits from Microsoft. Customers who have used Azure Marketplace in the past, or are considering using it, can use their MACC to meet their required spend by purchasing VMware Cross-Cloud services through the Azure Marketplace.

While viewing any of VMware’s listings on the Azure Marketplace, customers will be prompted that they have private offers available to them. Private offers unlock the ability for VMware to create exclusive offers for customers and offer customized software and terms. Just like any other offer on the Azure Marketplace, private offers will also appear in search results. Customers will notice the “Private” badge in the listing. Microsoft and VMware have committed to continue publishing more VMware solutions in the Azure Marketplace and have them linked to and easily deployed from Azure VMware Solution.

Speed is the currency of the digital era, and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is well positioned to help customers meet customers’ needs on their path to digital transformation. Customers now have fast access to the best capabilities from VMware and Microsoft for enabling application and cloud modernization, as well as connecting and protecting today’s distributed workforce, all in Azure.

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