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CNCF Certified Solutions Now Qualify for VMware’s Partner Ready Badge

Certified Kubernetes solutions will automatically qualify for VMware’s Partner Ready for Tanzu badge  

Dedicated to the advancement of cloud native computing technologies, VMware is a proud founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). With solutions such as VMware Tanzu, VMware empowers users to build, run, and manage modern apps on any cloud. All VMware products under the Tanzu umbrella conform to CNCF standards.  

To strengthen our commitment to CNCF and our partner ecosystem, VMware will now consider all partner solutions certified on any CNCF compliant Kubernetes version that falls within our Tanzu Kubernetes Grid support policy to be automatically validated on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. As such, these solutions will be eligible to receive the Partner Ready for VMware Tanzu badge and to be published on the VMware Marketplace, VMware’s one-stop-shop for validated ecosystem solutions.  

About CNCF 

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) helps drive adoption of cloud native technologies that enable organizations to build scalable applications across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. CNCF certifies Kubernetes solutions through the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program, which offers organizations using Kubernetes the benefits of consistency, timely updates, and confirmability – in other words, confidence in Kubernetes interoperability.  

It is important to note that CNCF compliance for all vendors of Kubernetes distributions involves running a Sonobuoy scan on clusters as a compliance audit step. Sonobuoy is a VMware maintained project, demonstrating our commitment to CNCF standards and compliance to those standards. Once this scan has been completed and the CNCF certification obtained, no further testing will be required to earn the Partner Ready for VMware Tanzu badge during the process to publish on VMware Marketplace. 

About VMware Tanzu  

VMware Tanzu significantly simplifies operating Kubernetes and modern apps across multiple clouds, while freeing developers to innovate faster and build powerful applications. VMware Tanzu is not just about qualifying distribution in a theoretical environment. We offer the ability to run the same Sonobuoy scans that are used to qualify Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, OpenShift, GKE or any other distribution against a physical deployment effortlessly with Tanzu Mission Control. This means that TKG customers can be confident that their (as implemented) Kubernetes cluster is held to the same standards as the distribution providers.  

From Ashok Aletty, Vice President, Modern Applications Engineering:  

“With Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, as with all VMware products, we are deeply invested in the success of our customers. In the unlikely event that issues are discovered with these workloads during deployment, the Tanzu research and development team is on standby to support resolving the issues in a timely fashion. We will support our customers in not only ensuring that these issues are resolved in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, but also within the Kubernetes community holistically.”  

By awarding CNCF-compliant solutions the Partner Ready for VMware Tanzu badge, VMware demonstrates its continued commitment to CNCF and the growing Kubernetes partner ecosystem.  

Next Steps 

To claim the Partner Ready VMware Tanzu badge for CNCF-certified solutions, partners should contact the VMware Marketplace team by emailing VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com. For more information on the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program, please reference the CNCF website.  

Questions about VMware Marketplace? Contact the Marketplace team at VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com.