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Introducing the Azure VMware Solution Logical Design Poster for Deployment and Connectivity

Azure VMware Solution provides a unified VMware Software-Defined Data Center (private cloud) integrating VMware vSphere (vCenter Server and ESXi), vSAN, and NSX-T virtualization technologies. VMware HCX, a workload mobility platform designed to simplify migrations to the cloud, is also included.

Customers run the Azure VMware Solution private cloud natively on dedicated bare-metal Azure infrastructure and capitalize on existing VMware investments, skills, and tools. This also allows for operational consistency that leverages the scale, performance, and innovation of Azure.

Today, we are happy to introduce the Azure VMware Solution Logical Design Poster for Deployment and Connectivity. The poster size is 32” x 48” (81 x 122 cm) and showcases the connectivity between the on-premises data center, Azure Cloud, and Azure VMware Solution.

Download: Azure VMware Solution Logical Design for Deployment and Connectivity (PDF)

Azure VMware Solution Logical Design Poster for Deployment and Connectivity

Poster Elements

On-premises Data Center – Hosting vSphere-based workloads residing on various storage and network platforms.

Azure Cloud – Showcasing Azure specific elements such as Subscriptions, Resource Groups, network connectivity, and popular native services including Azure VMware Solution.

Azure VMware Solution – Provides ExpressRoute, Edge, and NSX-T connectivity and vSphere cluster details.

Roles and Responsibilities – Provides an overview of configuration, deployment, and lifecycle operations to help customers understand who is responsible for the various elements that make up the service.

Firewall Rules – Provides the necessary ports and protocols required to establish connectivity between on-premises and the private cloud.

Planning and Deployment – Describes the 8 steps it takes to complete your private cloud deployment. Each step is clickable providing detailed information.

Throughout the poster you’ll find various elements are clickable and will take you to additional resources and documentation online.

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