11 VMworld Sessions That Will Help You Make an Impact in Your Organization

The past few years have been tumultuous—professionally and personally, for most of us. Life in IT is never dull, and there’s always something new to learn. What’s interesting to you right now? Explore some of the VMworld 2021 sessions designed to help you take a step back and consider how you’d like to make an impact going forward—in life and at work.  

  1. How to Master Engagement with Your Audience in a Remote World Keeping your audience engaged virtually is a skill that you didn’t realize you needed—until 100% of your meetings began taking place on Zoom. Audience engagement can make or break whether your message gets through and is essential to building credibility as a speaker. In this session, get insights on how to better engage with customers and your colleagues in a remote world, and propel your speaking abilities to the next level. 
  2. Intersectional Learning to Solve Problems in a Time-Constrained Environment  Time-constrained environments (those that involve working under intense deadlines) can be the ideal formula for businesses to get a competitive advantage through new product launches, robust disaster recovery, client support, and more. In this session, learn about the psychology of problem-solving and explore analytical tools you might apply in your own workplace, such as de-chunking, FMEA techniques, decision prioritizing, and Bernoulli’s probabilistic approaches. 
  3. My Journey in STEM: Struggle, Accomplishment and the Future Figuring out which career path you want to pursue is likely the biggest professional decision you’ll make. It’s not always a straight line, and you may change course along the way. Hear from accomplished engineers at VMware on their own career journeys in STEM and how they leveraged their scientific backgrounds to advance their careers. 
  4. Skill Gaps Are Potholes; A Knowledge Skills Assessment Can Help Fill Them Do you know what your skill gaps are? If you don’t address them head on, they could eventually hinder your career progression. VMware Learning has a free service called the “Knowledge Skills Assessment,” which allows you to pinpoint exactly where your team’s skill gaps are. Check out this VMworld session to learn more about how this assessment can propel you into the next phase of your IT career and help your team become even more effective. 
  5. Any App, Any Cloud, Any Device Is Not Enough – We Need to Add Any User Accessibility plays an integral role in every product that we build—it enables us to serve customers of all backgrounds and walks of life. In this session, learn from Sheri Byrne-Haber, Senior Staff Accessibility Architect at VMware and disability advocate, on how VMware is becoming even more accessible — and how your organization can do the same.  Sheri firmly believes that holistic accessibility programs provide people with disabilities the best chance to achieve equality as either customers or employees in an organizational world largely established for the abled. Check out her blog for more on Sheri.
  6. The Tweet That Launched a Fleet of Inclusive Language at VMware Exclusionary language exists in places we wouldn’t expect—even in the workplace. It’s woven into our technology practices, the slang we use, and even how we recruit new talent. But the good news is that inclusive language practices and terms, like “allow list” instead of “whitelist,” is becoming more common. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to navigate the workplace with inclusive language practices and feel empowered to make inclusive changes within your own organization. 
  7. Becoming a Force for Good: A Panel on Adapting to a Changing Tech Community What does it mean to be a force for good, particularly in tech? Within a constantly evolving tech community, learn how to embrace the dynamics of an increasingly diverse landscape to power to the future, even with constant challenges, and help empower those around you. 
  8. VMware Friends Reunion on the Next Wave of Infrastructure Innovation Join Vittorio Viarengo, VP of Multi-Cloud Solutions, as he hosts successful VMware alumni-turned-venture capitalists Bogomil Balkansky, Jerry Chen, and Steve Herrod as they discuss their perspectives on cloud infrastructure innovation. 
  9. Bake ESXi Into Your Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi lets you explore fun programming projects on your own, and it’s matured over the years. Interested in learning how to run VMware ESXi on Raspberry Pi? Tune in to this session to learn more about the setup and features and explore the work that’s being done in the community. 
  10. Cryptographic Agility: Preparing for Quantum Safety and Future Transition With the emergence of quantum computing, new cryptography standards have swept the tech industry by storm. It’s a complex topic, with a lot to understand about its implications, now and down the road. In this session, learn about what cryptographic agility is and VMware’s recent research work on post-quantum cryptography. 
  11. Simplifying IT Infrastructure Concepts through Knowledge Sharing Hear from authors of the new e-book “Guia de Infraestrutura de TI” (Portuguese), or “IT Infrastructure Guide,” on the impact of this guide on people in all stages of their IT careers. Learn more about the importance of access to essentials such as learning IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Data & Information, Backup, IT Security, and other data center-related topics. 

Whether your goals this year involve career progression, building technical expertise, or even personal development, you’re bound to find countless sessions to enjoy this year at VMworld 2021. Which one are you most looking forward to? Let us know! 

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