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Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu® now in Preview for VMware Cloud on AWS

Application Modernization Challenges

Application modernization is top of mind for all enterprises that want to deliver value to their customers quickly. However, for most organizations, the path to application modernization is slow, complex, expensive and requires a breadth of technical skills given the volume, variety, and complexity of an organization’s digital portfolio. Lack of visibility into existing systems makes mapping existing VM inventory and its application dependencies, a tedious and manual process. Additionally, with the dynamic nature of data centers, applications are constantly being deployed, updated, and retired on a regular basis which can make it difficult to have a clear picture of an organization’s overall application estate at any given moment.

Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu

Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu is a continuous application modernization engine, that enables organizations to discover and analyze applications, choose from a recommended modernization approach, and containerize suitable legacy applications. With this revolutionary tool, customers can easily discover and analyze applications across their entire VMware-based environment – whether that is running in an on-premises vSphere environment or in a VMware Cloud-based SDDC. The tool then recommends an optimal action for each application through the lens of the 5 R’s (Retain, Rehost, Replatform, Refactor and Retire) depending on the organization’s business goals. Containerization of applications can be done within the tool itself, and finally the newly modernized app can be deployed onto a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu offers VMware customers the ability to tailor their modernization journey, at a frequency of their choosing, thus creating ideal conditions for a successful transformation.

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Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu provides customers with a simple and non-intrusive method for identifying all running processes within your vSphere-based Virtual Machines leveraging VMware Tools.

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In addition, customers can customize the display labels and add additional metadata for all discovered processes, including defining custom naming patterns to help with identifying certain applications both off the shelf and/or custom applications running within an organization.

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Analyze & Recommend

Application Transformer can automatically build application topologies that includes all application dependencies (across Virtual Machines and external systems) along with a dynamic visualization feature that can also be exported for offline use. Application Topologies can be generated on-demand or periodically giving customers complete visibility into their overall application estate in near-real-time when deciding on which applications to consider for modernization.

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Application Transformer provides an easy and guided workflow for both specific application containerization such as Oracle Weblogic and Tomcat-based applications as well as a generic engine for containerizing any running process or application.

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As part of the containerization process, Application Transformer provides both an OCI-compliant image which is stored in the container registry of your choice along with deployable Kubernetes YAML manifests.

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Application Modernization on VMware Cloud on AWS

Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu is now in Preview for all VMware Cloud on AWS Customers so that they can try out this tool. It is integrated within the VMware Cloud console and can be used at no additional cost. With this solution, customers will now be able to leverage both VMware Tanzu and VMware Cloud on AWS to embark on their application modernization journey while realizing the TCO benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Participate in Preview today!

Simply login to vmc.vmware.com with your credentials, click on the Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu tile and download the evaluation guide to get started.

Learn more

To learn more about Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu, you can register for our upcoming VMworld 2021 session that will provide a technical deep-dive on this VMware Cloud solution or read about the product in our recent what’s new in VMC (July edition) blog.  Customers can also take advantage of VMware Tanzu Labs to help define and build out an application modernization plan using the VMware App Navigator Service. Please reach out to your VMware account representative for more information.