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May be some of you are waiting for such announcement!


Effective immediately, VMware Certification is removing the requirement of 2-year VCP recertification! Also, some of your VCP in expired state will Rollback and become Active again! For details and the key messaging from VMware, please refer to the official announcements below.


VMware Education Services blog
VMware Certification: Recertification Is Changing and What It Means to You


VMware Recertification Rollback


The points are;
– No more 2-year VCP recertification requirement. No more Expiration Date for VCP!
– If your VCP in Expired status, some of them will be in Active status again (Rollback)
– These changes will be reflected in Certification Manager on April 2019
– Anybody took VCP Expired Path to re-certify their expired VCP within the last six month, a free one-year Premium License to the VMware Learning Zone will be provided.


Any one with VCP up to date or having Expired status, the expiration date will be removed and should show as “Never” on the Certification Manager by April 2019. Which means;
– The same as you can upgrade directly to newer VCP using VCP you’re holding, the Rolled back VCP can also be used to directly upgrade to newer certification, if the path is available
– Directly upgrade means to upgrade by just passing VCP exam, do not need to attend the course nor take the Foundations exam
– The direct upgrade to the latest VCP 2019 is possible on some certifications, see hear about VCP 2019
– Upgrading in the same solution track, 3 version up is now possible on upgrading to VCP 2019, see here for more details
– Upgrading from the different solution track, the same as before, 2 version up is possible also on upgrade to VCP 2019, see here for more details
– Be careful that even though VCP now will not expire, the direct upgrade path is limited to within 2-3 versions



Below is the image of the time schedule until April 2019.


Whoever having VCP up to date and the expiration date is after April, you’re all set! You’re VCP certification will have the expiration date removed on the Certification Manager on April 2019.


Whoever having VCP expired already, wait until April. You will see the Expired VCP rolled back with having no expiration date.


Regarding the upgrade path with your current VCP or rolled back VCP, see the posts below that includes the path to VCP 2019!
New VCP version in year 2019
Upgrade to VCP 2019 – same solution track
Upgrade to VCP 2019 – different solution track


See you at the next post!

(The above topics are as of February 4th, 2019. These can be changed without prior notice.)