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If you have a certification from Cisco such as CCIE, and would like to acquire VCAP6-NV Deploy certification, you can use your proof of the Cisco certification to skip VCP6-NV requirement.


The guidelines here are:

  • Can skip VCP6-NV and any other VCP (which means can also skip attending required course and vSphere Foundations Exam)
  • Need to Submit the proof of CCIE certification
  • Does not apply to other solution tracks (DCV, DTM, CMA, or DW)
  • Acquiring new VCAP certification will also re-certify active VCP certification


The diagram below is the overall image. To acquire VCAP6-NV Deploy certification, you usually have to acquire VCP6-NV first but can skip that by submitting the proof of the Cisco certification.


Note: The following certification(s) has not been released yet (as of July, 2018). It is shown in the diagram as just an example.

  • VCAP6.5-DCV Deploy
  • VCAP7-DTM Deploy
  • VCAP7-CMA Deploy


For how to submit the proof, refer below:

  1. Go to VCAP6-NV Deploy certification page
  2. On Certification Path if you hold dropdown list, select “a Cisco certification”
  3. Expand “Submit proof that you hold a qualifying Cisco CCIE certification”
  4. Click “Submit proof”


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(The above paths and requirements are as of July, 2018. These can be changed without prior notice.)